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Why Claims Adjusters Need Answering Service Support

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Being a claims adjuster can be a stressful—sometimes it seems like no one is happy to talk to you and worse, it’s often difficult to reach the people you need to contact in order to close out claims in any efficient way because of it.

Of course, you can’t blame them for not wanting to have to answer a lot of questions or needing to produce a lot of new paperwork to substantiate their claims, but in a perfect world this would be a lot faster process that made it easier for claims to be submitted, reviewed and paid in a timely manner.

Playing phone tag with those less than willing to call you isn’t a great help, either, but there is at least something you can do about that. Hiring an answering service to help you with your claims management can help take a lot of the frustration out of your daily work.

Here are a few of the things the right answering service can do for you:

  • Provide live operators for every call. When you can’t be in the office, you don’t have to worry that the callbacks you’ve been waiting for will finally be returned with vague messages to “call me.”An answering service will provide live humans to answer each and every after hours call to ensure that your calls are answered by a human who knows how to take a good message and, if you choose, has information on what each caller needs to provide you to finish their claim. In that way, they can act like an extension of your office by collecting necessary documents or information on your behalf.
  • Message relay. Even if you’d rather discuss claims matters with the caller yourself, your answering service can be configured to relay your messages in a number of ways.Answering services for insurance adjusters can send your messages immediately to your phone, compile a log and provide that for you each morning or utilize a combination technique where emergency messages are sent straight to you and less pressing messages are built into a log so you can prioritize which calls to return first.
  • Overflow calling. Really busy claims adjusters may be constantly picking up and putting down the phone, all the while missing important calls from people they’ve been trying to contact for days. This is where overflow calling comes in handy.Your answering service can handle the calls you can’t pick up, even during business hours. By signing up for overflow calling, your answering service automatically picks up when you don’t, so whether you’re in a meeting, on the phone or at lunch, you’re covered and your important calls are being answered.

Along with all these handy features, a high quality answering service can also be HIPAA-compliant, so even your medical insurance claims can be left in their hands. Answering service partners can be a real boon to a busy office that relies heavily on the telephone like a claims adjuster, especially if they’re empowered to take that last vital piece of information that you need to finish those outstanding claims.


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