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What’s an Answering Service Script?

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When you hire an answering service to take your incoming calls, you’re taking an important step for your business. Not only are you reducing the time and resources that your employees are spending on incoming calls, but you’re providing a better experience for your callers.

Treat answering service customers properly with the right call script

With virtual receptionists working for your company, your callers are greeted promptly and warmly by a professional. The best-trained virtual receptionists are so good that your callers will never know that they aren’t right there in your office. These answering service professionals can give answers to common questions, set up appointments, relay emergency calls and get messages to your staff through text, email, recordings or live patch-throughs.

How can virtual receptionists provide such stellar service to a variety of clients?

Much of the power is in your agents’ call script. Answering service scripts empower virtual receptionists to deliver excellent customer service for any type of business. When a company decides to work with an answering service, the most professional and thorough services will take the time to understand the company inside and out – and their customer service needs.

From there, the answering service will work with the company to create a customized script that virtual receptionists will rely on. Customization can be as simple as “Thank you for calling ABC Law Firm, this is Tristen speaking how may I help you?” to something much more detailed. It all depends on the nature of the business.

What do customized call scripts cover?

Some customized scripts will include information like basic frequently asked questions, details for setting appointments, important business information and more. Any customized script for a business will be approved by the business before the answering service can use it.

Virtual receptionists often work for several different businesses at once, but there’s no risk of getting wires crossed because of answering service scripts. When someone calls into a business line, the answering service agent will see on his or her screen exactly which business the caller is trying to reach, as well as the script that they are to use. It’s simple for the answering service agent to determine what she needs to say and when.

Supporting your business with the best answering services

Answering service scripts help ensure that callers get supported as appropriately as possible. These scripts add positively to the entire answering service process, making it a win-win-win for companies, virtual receptionists and callers alike.

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