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Top Three Reasons Your Firm Needs A Legal Answering Service

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So, your law practice is booming, that’s great!

But you’d like to expand your business further without spending money on services and marketing that don’t actually work. No matter what your size, maybe it’s time to hire a legal answering service. A legal answering service can make your current marketing effort’s return on investment even higher, costs you only when you use it and will keep you connected to the phone, even when you’re in court or at home after-hours.

There are a lot of reasons to love a legal answering service, here are just three:

A legal answering service speeds up communications. When a client calls with an important question or wants to forward documents to your office for their file, you can rest assured that your telephone answering service will be there to catch that information and package it up for you. There will be no more waiting for documents to come or hoping you can catch busy clients on the phone — just the answers you need even when you’re not available.

A legal answering service makes you totally accessible. No one wants to deal with a lawyer they can never reach, especially when they’ve got a difficult case. By hiring a legal answering service, your clients can access a real person 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether your clients or prospects are across the sea or across the road, your bank of virtual receptionists can ensure that they get the same careful treatment you’d provide if you were available.

In addition to giving clients a friendly voice to say “Hello!” to, you can leave specific instructions with your answering service in regards to specific clients, types of clients/callers or types of calls. Maybe you want all new client calls forwarded to you, or you’d prefer they were pre-screened first to save you time. A legal answering service should be customizable and allow you to get the exact level of service you need.

A legal answering service saves you time and effort. When you’re in demand, it takes a decent amount of time to go through your voicemail messages. Your legal secretary has more pressing things to do than extract messages all morning, but a log of calls provided by your answering service makes returning calls or screening potential clients a snap. Not only will you know exactly who called, but why they called and how you can help them.

When a caller leaves a message on your voicemail, it can be tempting to put off returning that call for much too long — and risk losing the client. An answering service call log can easily function as a “to do” list that feels more urgent than one you’re write for yourself. Even if you have someone else handling your in-house calls during the day, that list is a real timesaver that allows them to get back to more important business.

Legal answering services are a great way to give your clients and callers a personal touch even when you’re away. Legal proceedings can be stressful, but they don’t have to be cold and arms-length, carried out over voicemail, when you’ve got a virtual receptionist to answer the phone any time, day or night.


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