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Salesforce Integration
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We’ve talked before about Salesforce integration and your answering service.

Now more than ever, we see the ability to add a Salesforce web-to-lead service option to your answering service as one that gives you the potential to greatly improve your lead generation efforts. While 68% of B2B companies are still struggling with lead generation (source), our customers are telling us that this is a tool that gives them not only great flexibility, but vastly improved peace of mind, too.

Here’s How It Works

We see the Salesforce integration capabilities as another layer to your “lead gen” apparatus. With lead capture as a foundation for your successful lead-generation activities, it’s imperative that you have a powerful and proven system already in place. If you are already using Salesforce, then chances are you and your staff are already familiar with it and comfortable using it. So, why not take advantage of its ability to integrate with your answering services?

When a lead comes in through the phone, we want it to get into your system as easily, efficiently and seamlessly as possible. Why should that lead’s information go through multiple steps just to get where it needs to be? Your system is built around Salesforce, and we are here to support you with that.

Using our web-to-lead form capability, your lead’s info does just that—it goes directly into your Salesforce system, without the need for manual duplication or additional unnecessary efforts or man-hours on your end.

When you take advantage of the Salesforce and web-to-lead form integration options we offer, here are just some of the things you and your team will see happen:

  • Less wait time for a contact’s information to get into your system
  • Greater efficiency when you say “goodbye” to the need for manual or double entry
  • Increased options as far as contacting these leads again, methods of contact and types of conversations you can have
  • A powerful support system behind you, with our highly trained agents working on your behalf
  • Lower costs with less need for data entry and the added plus of a fully automated process
  • Close the time from lead to close, when we get your contact and lead information into the system instantly
  • Going with a proven entity, when you use Salesforce as you already are…but now with even more capabilities

If you are already using Salesforce in-house, and you have an answering service in place (or are thinking of adding on answering services), now is a great time to learn more about Salesforce integration and web-to-lead forms—and how these great tools can and will work for you.

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