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The Herman and Dorothy Shooster Nature Preserve is Now Open

Dorothy and Herman Shooster Preserve
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The team at Answering Service Care is thrilled to announce that the Herman and Dorothy Shooster Nature Preserve is now open to the public. Named for our company’s founders, the preserve is an important part of Broward County’s environmental and cultural heritage.

Located just behind the Answering Service Care headquarters in Margate, Florida, the Herman and Dorothy Shooster Nature Preserve contains a variety of native trees and plants including oak hammocks, live oaks, and ferns. Populations of birds, frogs and turtles are also thriving there. The preserve is home to many species of vulnerable fauna including the Eastern Spadefoot Toad, Squirrel Tree Frog, and Florida Box Turtle.

The land was not always destined to be preserved. In the mid-1980s, office buildings were set to be built on the property. Thanks to a bond in 2000, Broward County acquired the property from the Shooster family. In 2010, Herman and Dorothy Shooster were honored when the preserve was named for them. Broward County has spent the last several years planning and developing the preserve into a beautiful urban oasis that everyone can now enjoy. The Herman & Dorothy Shooster Nature Preserve opened to the public on November 16, 2020.

We are pleased that the trees, plants, and animals that call this land home will be preserved for many years to come. Additionally, our community has a new outdoor space to enjoy. Whether they take a walk on one of the nature trails or meet with friends or family for lunch on a picnic table, the preserve gives South Florida residents a good reason to venture outdoors.

The Herman and Dorothy Shooster Preserve is located on the south side of SW 7th Court, between US 441 (State Road 7) and SW 64th Terrace. To learn more, visit

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