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Ways a Small Business Answering Service Can Help Your Company Grow

Answering Service

We Can Help Your Company Grow

Your small business has taken up a lot of your time and energy, but it’s worth it to watch it grow and blossom.

Unfortunately, you’ve reached a point where your growth is being inhibited by your ability to effectively answer your phone for your small business. How will you ever get off this plateau? How about a small business answering service?

Outsourcing Your Telephone Tasks Can Free Up Time

When that phone won’t stop ringing long enough for you to talk to a prospect or you’re spending more time setting appointments than actually taking care of customers, you know something has to give.

You’re just not able to answer your phone for your small business in the most effective way possible anymore. You don’t want that phone to stop ringing, of course not, but if you can’t actually help your callers, you’re spending a lot of time not making money. And not making money is why your business is stagnating.

Fortunately, you can get out of that rut with the help of a small business answering service. Answering Service Care has been working with small businesses like yours since 1974, moving more of the busy work of the day off of your plate and giving you time to work the leads you’re generating.

Answering Service
Answering Services

We have many different ways to do this, including:

Live Answering Service

You may not have a receptionist in the budget, but a virtual receptionist team can fill most of the same duties without the same price tag. You don’t need to train, house or pay this small team of phone professionals like a full-time receptionist and you never have to worry about covering for them on a sick day.

You can leave special instructions for specific callers, ask them to warm transfer calls to extensions within your organization and take messages, just like a regular receptionist, but you only pay them when they’re working, not when they’re waiting for calls.

Taking, changing and cancelling appointments can take up a huge part of your day, which is why we’ve devoted resources to creating a dedicated appointment setting services queue for businesses like yours.

Utilizing proprietary software that will interface with what you’re already using, we’ll update your calendar as your callers change theirs, so you always know who is about to walk through the door. And since we update in real time, you never have to worry about double bookings if you want to continue to add your own appointments, too.

You may only be open from nine to five, but you can be available for your customers all day and all night long with the help of an answering service.

We have operators and customer service representatives available around the clock to take messages and answer questions even when your business is closed. This way you don’t miss any leads, no matter when they call.

Why Answering Service Care?

Go ahead, give us a call. Answering Service Care is ready to give you the extra push you need to answer your phone for your small business. Call us today at (800) 430-6511 or drop us an email to get started!

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