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We don’t need to tell you: Running a small business can be all-consuming when it comes to time, money, manpower, and other key resources.

Whether your business is new and growing or more well-established and thriving, there are always more things to be done and attended to than there are hours in the day.

So much to do – Being busy, growing rapidly, having phone lines ringing off the hook – these are all great things! But it can be hard to properly serve and address everyone and everything that requires attention, especially when it seems to be coming at you all at once.

Enter Small Business Answering Services…Super-busy small business owners and entrepreneurs know that a professional answering service can be the perfect 24/7/365 solution for those looking to provide stellar customer service that’s both cost-effective and professional.

Answering Service for Small Business

Live Telephone Operators Help Your Customers and Callers

Our answering service team will work closely with your small business to create a customized solution that gives you more time, helps you provide better service, and, yes, saves you money. Our call center services are highly trained in the art of customer support.

What can a virtual receptionist do for your small business?

Answering Service for Small Business

All of your calls are answered and handled exactly according to your specifications, from greeting to message delivery…and everything in-between. In addition, our well-trained, US-based answering service pros can help you with any or all of the following, and all at less cost than hiring full-time onsite employees:

  • Answer calls whenever they come in, including nights, weekends and holidays
  • Manage increased activity from increased lead generation
  • Address and answer routine and basic questions
  • Aid in scheduling appointments
  • Live chat
  • Relay messages via whatever means you have specified (including text, email and phone)
  • Forward, transfer and/or patch through calls as directed and when warranted
  • Help make your company look bigger and give a great impression every time
  • Offer HIPAA-compliant phone answering services
  • And so much more!

Don’t forget your bottom line – we won’t, either.

Your answering service is always there to handle your calls with courteous professionalism, allowing you to focus exclusively on those core activities that directly affect your ROI (return on investment, or bottom line). In other words: you keep growing and earning while we help serve callers and cover your phones.

Keep growing, keep serving. We all know that in any business that is looking to keep growing, stellar service is a key to success. Our Answering Service Care team of professional operators and agents is dedicated to helping you serve your callers with professionalism, flexibility, and warmth. Call us today to learn more— our phone number is (800) 430-6511.

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What Our Small Business Clients Are Saying:

Perfect, perfect, perfect! The agent had perfect tone, followed the script perfectly, and relayed perfect message.

Shari Smith, Insurance Company

Good morning, I am reaching out to let you know that Jessica Rodriguez is a great asset to your company. She was excellent in her follow up on the sales process and to be honest I have leaned on her for support help as well because she is responsive and helpful. As someone who complains with some regularity to other vendors and in my personal dealings with various service entities it is important to me to point out when someone is doing a really good job.

Mark Lotstein, ROG Consulting, LLC