Answering Service

A valuable answering service tool that helps you and your callers 

Depending on what kind of business you are in and what your call volume is like, Voicemail Services are something you may want to seriously consider, usually as part of a customized answering services package.

Voicemail Services is a Key Business Tool

Voicemail allows you to be as mobile and flexible as you need to be on your end, while also giving your callers the opportunity to leave you a message 24/7/365. With our experience and guidance, we work together with our clients to configure a customized (and affordable!) answering services package that, with the help of voicemail, meets your and your callers’ needs and expectations in every way.

For instance, you may opt for your own local or toll-free number. You can also have calls forwarded from your office, mobile or home phone, or your callers can dial the voicemail number themselves. We will notify you immediately – by cell phone, land line, email or SMS/text, for example – whenever you receive a message (or you can also check yourself).

Voicemail Services That Don’t Require You To Call In

What’s more, while you can of course hear your voicemail messages over the phone, you can also opt to have them converted to digital audio files and emailed to you. Think of it: you wouldn’t need a phone to hear your voicemail messages, and all you would need is Internet access and an email address. (By the way, when you receive voicemail via email, you can actually hear the caller’s voice when you open your email.)

In addition, when combined with our auto attendant and menu tree options, you can customize your voicemail to allow certain calls to go to a live agent.

What else do you get with our Voicemail Services?

  • You also get a user pass code of 4-6 digits, which you select, to keep all of your messages private
  • You get Caller ID with time and date
  • You can record your own greeting
  • You can have your voicemail number listed in print and online directories
  • You have no more need to buy or maintain hardware
  • You can play back your voicemail messages from any touchtone phone
  • You can fast-forward or rewind, replay, save or delete messages
  • You can store save at least 100 five-minute messages for seven days with our large storage capacity

Voicemail Services Regardless Of The Size Of Your Business

Whether you’re in the medical, dental or legal professions, or in service fields like plumbing, auto mechanics or air conditioning repair, Answering Service Care has the perfect Voicemail Services for your business. Like all of our telephone answering services, they are fully customized to your exact specifications and as budget-friendly as can be.

Since our founding in 1974, our family-owned and -operated company has led the way with professionalism and good-old-fashioned friendliness. Whether you want to talk Voicemail Services or any other answering services, we’d love to speak to you. Contact us either via email or phone (800.430.6511) at your convenience. We can have your Voicemail Service up and running in no time!