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Virtual Receptionist Services

So Many Tools At Your Fingertips

Our professional call answering team is friendly, flexible and the very best in the business. Allow us to customize an answering service solution that makes sense for your business or practice—and that’s easy on your budget. Give us a try, we’re here for you!

Answering Service

If you’re looking for a holiday answering service, an after-hours answering service, or a professional telephone answering service for more traditional business hours, you’ve come to the right place. Our 24/7 professional answering service gives your callers the friendly, professional service they expect, no matter when they call or what they need.

As an industry leader for decades, we take our responsibility to serve very seriously. Powered by “smiling faces that care,” we treat every call and each caller as important and worthy of respect, attention, and compassion. We can’t wait to give you the true Answering Service Care experience!

Power Your Telephone Answering Service With These Customizable Options

Busy phones and increased calls can be great for your business or practice. Regardless of your size, however, you want to make sure phones are always answered promptly, professionally, and with a smile. Follow Me helps you and your team make sure that callers get routed the best way, every time. Easy, efficient, and makes great sense!

As part of a customized answering services package, voicemail—when set up strategically—can be a powerful business tool. Giving your callers the ability to leave you messages no matter when they call helps them feel they can easily communicate with you on their schedule. Meet their needs and exceed their expectations with every call! 

Popular with businesses and practices of all sizes, IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, routes your callers where they need to go in the most efficient and simple way possible. IVR is a powerful and cost-effective automated tool for managing calls and callers!

No matter what the size and nature of your practice or business, chances are you need to send and/or receive faxes anywhere from every once in a while to regularly. Fax to email saves you time and other valuable resources. Even better, all you need to get started is email access!

Live Answering Services

Boost Your Answering Service With Additional Features

Having a 24/7 live operator answering your phone is already a powerful business tool. Adding features to enhance your caller experience is invaluable. 

Appointment Scheduling

Our answering service team can help callers schedule, re-schedule, and cancel appointments in real-time. No more double-booking or missed appointments!

Call Recording

Digitally record telephone calls, access recordings, and save what you need efficiently, simply, and affordably. So easy and convenient!

Bilingual Operators

Better serve your Spanish-speaking callers when you opt for our fluent and highly trained bilingual answering service team. Better communication starts here!

Salesforce Integration

Take advantage of our web-to-lead service option and see how powerful your Salesforce strategy can be. An efficient and cost-effective way to power up your lead-generation efforts!

Spam Blocker

Answering Service Care’s Spam Blocker feature offers an extra layer of protection by filtering out automated spam calls before they are even answered.

Live Answering Services

Custom On-Hold Music

Keep your customers focused and interested in your company while they’re waiting their turn in the phone queue. Play music, relay important information and more!

Email Marketing

Follow up phone conversations with an email immediately after your caller hangs up. Send powerful emails quickly and affordably!

On-Call Calendar

A simpler, more efficient way to update your staff on-call schedule in real-time. Save valuable time, stay on track, and empower your staff, too!

Disaster Recovery

Having a customized disaster recovery plan in place goes a long way if and when disaster strikes. Always be prepared and make sure your answering service is part of the plan!

Email Monitoring

Our Email-to-Action service helps clients who receive important emails that need to be dispatched after-hours. We monitor an inbox created for your business and dispatch emails to a designated group or individual email each time it comes in.

The True Value Of An Answering Service

Time. Money. Service.

As one of the top telephone answering service providers in the industry, we are committed to saving you time, increasing your bottom line, and streamlining your operations. We work together with you and your team to support your business growth and your customer service in the most effective way possible.

Fully U.S.-Based, 24/7.

Answering Service Care is a family-owned business that’s been around since 1974. Our “always on, always there” virtual operator team is available days, nights, weekends and holidays answering calls with efficiency, professionalism and compassion. Allow us to become a valuable member of your team—we promise you it’ll be worth it!

Your Virtual Office.

Our professional virtual receptionists will greet your callers promptly and with a smile every time. They are so well trained your callers will think phones are being handled by your own on-site personnel. They know answers to commonly asked questions, can set up appointments, route urgent calls, and relay messages in real-time.

We Care

That’s right. We take our name seriously. We care. We aren’t just family-run: we’re a family. And we treat you and your callers like family, too. Your success is our success and we never forget that. No matter what business you are in, our business is all about you. Experience the Answering Service Care difference firsthand.

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