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Spam Blocker

The point of partnering with a professional call answering service is to make sure you never miss an important message or call and to improve your customer service. But, phone answering services are also designed to make your business more efficient. If you are being inundated with robocalls, then this is simply wasting everyone’s time (as well as money on your phone bill).

Whether you knew it or not, Answering Service Care does more than answer your incoming calls and send messages to their respective destination. We also block unwanted calls from ever getting through.

Spam Blocking Service

Stop robocalls and block spam calls with our automated spam call blocker. It is a necessary aspect of any professional business or organization. Because let’s face it, illegal robocalls can be a disruption to the everyday workflow.

Spam calls can waste the time of your receptionist, adding pressure to an already busy job. By blocking spam calls to your business, you can be confident that the incoming calls have already been filtered. And then when the phone rings, it should be business as usual.

And aside from just saving time, our spam blocking service can ease your phone bill. After all, cell phone packages and text message services are convenient, but you know that overuse can lead to high bills. By having a spam blocker for your phone in place, you can eliminate this concern, since the unwanted call will be blocked upon arrival.

Now that is efficiency, which is precisely what the professionals at Answering Service Care take pride in. If you are looking to increase efficiency and improve customer service, partnering with Answering Service Care is the right move.

If you are on the fence about how our automated spam blocker service can benefit your operation, continue to read on. We have broken down precisely how we block spam calls from reaching businesses. The result: freeing up time and money for organizations just like yours.

Spam Blocker Filters Out Robocalls and Helps Businesses Save Time and Money

When it comes to managing incoming calls, an answering service is typically more cost-efficient than hiring an in-house receptionist. However, it is no secret that it is cheaper to only pay for the calls that are answered by your virtual receptionist, versus a salary, benefits, equipment, overtime pay, and more.

But what if your business is receiving dozens, or even hundreds, of robocalls per week? This can lead to inefficiencies in the workflow, which no one has time for! That is, unless your phone answering service can block spam calls to your business before they even get there.

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Never Pay for a Robocall Again!

Answering Service Care’s Spam Blocker offers an extra layer of protection. How? By filtering out automated spam calls before they are even answered. When you say “hello” to our Spam Block add-on, you can say “goodbye” to paying for robocalls forever! In fact, we can even display the number of minutes you saved as a result of our Spam Blocker filter!

We’re Committed to Saving you Money.

Answering Service Care has remained a leading answering service provider for over four decades by continually developing solutions that help our clients thrive. 

Over the years, we have seen automated spam calls (and illegal robocalls) become a huge nuisance to businesses of all sizes and types. Not only are they an annoying disruption, but they were costing our clients money. With millions of robocalls placed every hour, we had to develop a solution to help our clients avoid paying for them. Our Spam Blocker filter was developed, and our customers are grateful to no longer be paying for our live agents to answer and hang up on robocalls.

Further, our spam number blocker prevents these calls from getting through, which frees up our providers to deal with your customers. After all, when the lines are bogged down with illegal robocalls, customers suffer in addition to the business. This way, by blocking spam calls, we are freeing up phone time for your customers.

How Does the Spam Blocker Feature Work?

You might be wondering “How do I block spam calls?” or rather, “How does this automated spam call blocker work?” Well, it’s really quite simple. Here is a breakdown of precisely how it works!

All callers are greeted by our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

This automated calling system interacts with your callers using voice or keyed-in responses. For example, “Press ‘1’ for sales, ‘2’ for customer service,” and so on. Callers must physically press a button or follow a voice prompt. Only then will they be forwarded to one of our live agents who act as a representative of your company.

The robot gets trapped.

Unlike humans, most robots are unable to interact with IVR systems. They cannot press buttons or follow voice prompts to get through, so they essentially get trapped in the IVR.

Less unwanted robocalls get through.

Trapping robots in the IVR reduces the number of unwanted robocalls being forwarded to (and answered by) our live receptionists. Ultimately, this saves you money!

See how much you saved.

Thanks to our spam blocker, you won’t be charged for robocalls. And what’s more, we can even display the number of minutes you saved with our Spam Blocker filter!

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Stop Paying For Robocalls Today!

At Answering Service Care, we make your operations more efficient. And as you can see, our services go beyond answering customer calls and forwarding respective messages. We streamline your entire phone answering system by blocking spam calls before they even get in the door.

To start saving money with our Spam Blocker add-on feature today, contact us at (800) 430-6511. A friendly member of our team will be happy to answer your questions and help you get set up.