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Follow Me Call Routing Services

Create a sequence of actions to route all incoming calls where they need to go

Many call agents who offer call routing services
An agent offering call routing services

You’re busy, you’re out and about, and your phones keep ringing

That’s a good thing! But of course, as you grow and expand, it’s more important than ever that your phones are covered consistently, professionally, and effectively.

With or without an answering service, you want to be there for your callers.

When it comes to your business or practice, being too busy to attend to incoming calls or requiring your callers to play “phone tag” isn’t acceptable! Even if you have someone available to answer your phones full-time or use a professional answering service, your callers will inevitably have questions and need attention before business hours, after hours, on weekends, or on holidays. Wouldn’t things run more smoothly if you knew that every call – no matter when it comes in – would find its way to you or someone else who could help quickly and completely?

Have You Heard of Follow Me?

Whether it is part of a larger suite of answering services or a standalone service you purchase separately, Follow Me (also referred to as “Find Me Follow Me”) may be exactly what you need. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can make sure that callers will find you and your team members easily and without delay. With just one phone number that you can customize and configure, you’ll be able to answer questions, schedule appointments, resolve issues, and give information without having to worry about callers not having their calls answered. (Of course, they can always leave a message, too – if that’s part of your call plan.)

The owners of Answering Service Care

Who uses Follow Me?

The Follow Me service works well for all sorts of teams and companies, including those with multiple locations, those with callers or patients who call outside of business hours and those whose schedule keeps them outside of the office more often than not.

Many call agents who offer call routing services

Here’s how it works:

There are two components to Find Me Follow Me

Find You

The system “knows” to send your caller to wherever you (or someone you’ve designated) is, whether at the office, on the road or even at the movies with your kids (remember…it’s all up to you!).

Follows You

Until the call reaches you, the system will cycle through all of the possible ways you could be reached in that moment, perhaps your business line, then your cell phone, then your home phone—again, whatever order and priority you’ve designated is the path the system will follow. The result? You can rest easy knowing that your callers are reaching the intended recipient efficiently so you won’t have to worry about missing a call from a client or patient again.

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