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A Full Suite of Automated Answering Services

Building your telephone answering service package one service at a time. At Answering Service Care, we offer our clients a variety of add-on services that complement their automated answering services. Learn more about IVR, Follow Me and Voicemail services.

IVR Saves You Valuable Resources

IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is a very popular telephone automation answering service add-on. The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system handles your incoming calls from start, through routing, to finish. IVR can be a fantastic tool in part because it saves you (and your callers) time and other precious resources.

IVR is a “win-win” for both callers and the businesses, firms and practices they are calling. Your customers, patients and clients are greeted with a personalized explanation of how to reach their desired party, do what they need to do—such as make or cancel an appointment—efficiently and leave a message for just the right person.

Best of all, these tools allow for a 24/7 telephone answering automation experience, so no matter what the time of day or night, your callers will take care of their business and you’ll be able to respond accordingly, whether live or automated.


IVR Empowers Your Callers, Too

Callers are able to self-direct, using a series of automated prompts, through your telephone system. Ultimately, they arrive where they need to be, whether that is with a recorded message, a live answering service operator, a voicemail, or some other automated telephone answering service solution.

IVR allows your phones to be open and available 24/7, and your callers feel comfortable staying on the line until they reach the right party or phone extension. It also gives your caller a feeling that their needs and challenges are being heard and will be addressed. And of course, it’s easy to use, budget-friendly and powerful!

Follow Me Offers Support For High Incoming Call Volume

Live Answering Services

Follow Me, also known as Find Me, Follow Me, is a popular automated answering service tool that helps clients with the busiest, always-ringing phones cover their heavy call volume efficiently and with precision.

When you have an answering service, a team of full-time telephone receptionists, or a hybrid of the two, you want to be there for your callers no matter what they need or when they call. You don’t want anyone who is calling your business or practice to feel that it’s difficult to get to the right person on your end—even and especially if they call after-hours, on a holiday, or on a weekend.

Follow Me Helps Better Automate Your Answering Services

Whether it’s part of your full package of automated telephone answering services or it’s a standalone option, Follow Me helps you customize a caller’s experience from the start. With just one phone number, your caller can be routed to you in a way that you direct and that can change based on time of day, day of week, your location, or more.

Best of all, you and your team can rest assured that you won’t miss a direct call from a client or patient again. Follow Me is a great tool for teams and businesses of all sizes, especially those with multiple locations, team members often out of the office, lots of after-hours calls and more.

Using Voicemail As An Automated Answering Service

We all know how to use voicemail, both as a caller and as the party being called. But voicemail is so much more than “just” an automated message. And, depending on what you do and what your call volume is like, Voicemail Services are something you may want to seriously consider, usually as part of a customized telephone automation answering services package.

Voicemail Can Be A Key Tool For Your Operations

Voicemail allows you to be as mobile and flexible as you need to be on your end, while also giving your callers the opportunity to leave you a message 24/7/365. We can work closely together with your team to create and configure a customized automated answering services package that, with the help of voicemail, both meets your callers’ needs and gives you and your schedule the set-up necessary to run your operation and have a life outside or work, too.

When combined with our auto attendant and menu tree options, you can customize your voicemail to allow certain calls to go to a live agent. Whether you’re in the medical, dental or legal professions, or in service fields like plumbing, auto repair or air conditioning repair, Answering Service Care’s Voicemail option can do exactly what you need in concert with your automated answering services approach.

Voicemail Services

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