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We at Answering Service Care offer our clients a variety of services that create and complement their customized answering services package.

We work closely with businesses and practices of all sizes, throughout the U.S., specializing in professional, compassionate and flexible answering services powered by smiling faces that care. Family-owned and –operated since 1974, we are deeply committed to becoming an effective, trusted and supportive part of your team now and into the future.

Telephone Answering Services

When they call you, your clients, customers and patients expect 24/7 service delivered by professionals who are flexible, responsive, well trained and friendly. Answering Service Care is an award-winning industry leader since all the way back in 1974…and that’s precisely what we do for all of our clients.

We give your callers the service and attention they seek, making you and your team look very good in the process. Our services are not only cost-effective and easy to implement, but they add directly to your bottom line, increasing your valued time, productivity and caller satisfaction.

Learn more about our professional telephone answering service for businesses and practices of all sizes.

Live Answering Service
Call Center Services

Call Center Services

In addition to our premier answering service offerings, we also provide many of our clients with call center support.

Through our sister company Answering Service Care, we give some of the world’s most prestigious brands call center technology, service and experience that are second-to-none. A good call center can be the backbone of a customer service-based operation, and when it comes to this piece of the puzzle, Answering Service Care is one of the very best.

Learn more about the difference between our answering services and call center services here.

Other Services

Automated answering services including IVR, auto attendant, Follow Me or voicemail, whether standalone or strategically associated with live answering services, can be very powerful tools for your business. These intuitive and much-needed services can save you and your team valuable resources including time, manpower and money.

Utilized by many industries to gather and disseminate basic information, automated call-handling systems interact easily and quickly with your callers through the use of voice or keyed-in responses. As a result, your callers get the information they need, the messages they need to convey or the person they need to speak with without frustrating or costly delays.

Get more information on our other services, including automated answering services, here.

IVR Services

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We can explore your integration ideas to boost the power of Answering Service Care. Contact us today via email or telephone at (800) 430-6511 to learn how we can help your business do more with less.

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