Medical Answering Service

Your patients and their privacy matter.

  • Receive your messages securely and in compliance with HIPAA laws.
  • Our Answering Service Pros are ready to answer your calls any time day or night.
  • Answering Service Care makes sure you never miss a call.

As a medical or healthcare professional (or someone who works with one), chances are you have a busy, thriving practice with phones ringing off the hook. That’s a great thing!

But no matter how much in-office phone coverage you have, it never seems to be enough. It can be difficult to keep up with so many patients and phone calls, and no office can be open all of the time. That’s where we come in…When it comes to answering patient calls and making sure your phones have 24/7 coverage, there is no better solution for you and your team than a medical answering service.

Our medical answering service is reliable and always in touch. As one of the top medical answering services in the field, we know how your practice works. We don’t have to tell you how critically important it is for you as a healthcare provider to answer calls and return messages in the most timely manner possible.

A Secure & Comprehensive Medical Answering Service

Answering Service Care’s medical answering service is committed to working together with you and your team to ensure that your patients receive the attention, response time and overall service they expect. We handle all of your phone-related needs and issues, from simple patient calls to full-blown medical emergencies, 24/7 and 365 days a year, year after year. All of our live telephone receptionists and operators are highly trained and prepared to fulfill your specific phone and message requirements, from answering the phone to responding to patient inquiries to relaying messages and more.

Some of our medical answering services include:

  • Emergency and “code-blue” attention and urgent message-relay response
  • Routing routine calls to your exact specifications
  • Appointment-setting and call-patching
  • Doctor-to-doctor consultation calls
  • Prescription dispatch
  • Lab results protocol

What about HIPAA and our medical answering service? As a fully-compliant HIPAA “business associate,” we not only understand what HIPAA is and why it is of the utmost importance, but we also are committed to full compliance, so that we can best protect and serve you and your patients.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability or “HIPAA” Act of 1996 protects millions of Americans receiving healthcare. Our medical answering service is dedicated to providing top customer service while also maintaining the privacy and patient security standards for each of your patients. Read more about HIPAA and our secure messaging medical answering service.

At our Medical Answering Service, we care. We pay attention. We know what matters to your practice.

We treat your callers, whether urgent or routine, as you would and as if they were our own. Our always-live medical answering service telephone receptionists are sensitive, alert, attentive and aware of the uniqueness of your practice and its patients. Each of our medical answering service representatives is skilled and has experience when it comes to the subtleties involved in patient communication. You can be sure that our very best team members will represent your medical practice – and that they are intelligent, friendly and articulate.

Why Answering Service Care?

At Answering Service Care, we offer HIPAA-compliant medical phone answering services that not only save time, money and other precious resources, but that also play a significant part in expanding your practice and providing your patients with the top service and personalized attention they deserve. Best of all, we spare you the worry of missing an urgent phone call or having it mishandled – we’ll always be here for you and your patients…and you can count on that! Call now for more information about how our medical answering service can help you today!


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What our doctor clients are saying about our service

Just wanted to tell you that the new webpage looks great. I have been very very happy with your service since I signed up with you last fall. Several patients have also made complimentary remarks and there hasn’t been a single complaint. Thank you. - Chris Flynn MD
You are doing an amazing job. The office would like to thank you for your attention to details and the quality service. - Sunshine Healthcare