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Mental Health Answering Service


We work closely with medical, healthcare, dental, and veterinarian practices throughout the U.S. Whether it’s nights, weekends, after-hours, holidays or right in the middle of the weekday, your callers and patients will reach a U.S.-based human medical answering service operator who knows how to help.

Answering Service for Attorneys


From solo legal practitioners to full-size law firms, we provide premier legal answering services with a smile. Whether you’re in court during the day or out of the office nights and weekends, we are here to help you and your clients.

Answering Service for Claim Adjusters

Real Estate

It’s not always easy focusing on your real estate business—and managing the incoming call load as well. That’s where our real estate answering service comes in—we give your buyers, sellers, prospects, and colleagues a professional and productive call every time.

Real Estate Answering Service

Property Management

While real estate property management is a 24/7 business, everyone needs some extra coverage, especially after-hours. Your callers will know that their needs are being met and urgent issues are being triaged right to the front of the line with our property management answering service.

Funeral Homes Answering Service

Funeral Homes

In the world of funerals, there are no standard “business hours.” Your callers need to know they are getting the utmost level of understanding and compassion, no matter what the time of day, and our funeral answering services are the best in the industry.

Answering Services for Construction Companies


When you’re out on a job, the last thing you want to do is miss an incoming call with new business. But you can’t do it all at the same time, and that’s where our construction answering service can properly support you and your callers.

HVAC Answering Service


Every call means a potential new job, but you can’t address every single one while you are already out working on jobs. Finding the right HVAC answering service can transform the way you do business and serve customers for the better.

Answering Services For The Holiday Season

Small Business

As a small business, you need to provide top services without the top budget. When you work with a premier small business answering service, you can affordably serve callers while growing your business in a sustainable way.

Answering Services for Businesses

Consulting Firms

Consultants are often busy but often strapped for resources, too. That’s where an answering service for consulting firms can be a truly valuable resource, making you look highly professional and capable in the process.

Answering Services for Construction Companies

Repair Contracting

The phones don’t stop ringing when you’re out on a call or going home for the night. But when you have a top repair contracting answering service on call, you won’t ever worry about missing a call, an emergency, or a new job.

HVAC Answering Service


Every new call could mean new business, but when you’re busy in the field servicing existing customers, you can’t do it all yourself at all times. A professional service contractor answering service can professionally serve your callers days, nights, weekends, and holidays.

Educational Answering Services


What do community colleges, public universities, and professional schools all have in common? Constantly ringing phones, that’s what! The best education answering service can provide the perfect level of phone support to students, families and prospects alike.

Dentist Answering Service


Dental emergencies don’t always happen during business hours, but that’s not a problem when you have a dentist answering service on your team. Show your patients you care.

virtual receptionist for small business


When you’re running an accounting firm, it’s important that your books balance just like those of your clients. Hiring an accounting answering service can provide a simple way to keep your overhead costs low and your profit margin healthier.

Answering Service for Claims Adjusters

Claims Adjusters

A claims adjuster’s phone rings often, and at all hours. If no one is available to answer, the person will likely hang up and call around until they reach someone who can assist them. In the super-competitive insurance industry, these missed calls will end up costing you lots of money in lost business opportunities.

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