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How Does an After-Hours Answering Service Work?

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One thing that almost all of today’s business owners have in common is that they don’t work the traditional 9-5. People shop online at all hours, and an increasing amount expect businesses to be available and responsive 24/7.

Being there for your customers around the clock has become particularly important, but it doesn’t have to come at the expense of you and your employees. To offer customers a 24/7 experience without burning out or spending a fortune on additional employees, many savvy businesses are partnering with after-hours answering services.

What is an after-hours answering service?

An after-hours answering service is a call answering service that provides coverage during non-business hours including nights, weekends, and holidays. Businesses of all sizes and industries partner with after-hours answering services to ensure that their customers speak with a real person and receive excellent service regardless of when they call.

In addition to supporting your business beyond the 9-5, Answering Service Care can help with call, email, live chat, and text message management during business hours or in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or communications are going unanswered, our friendly, U.S. based live agents are available 24/7/365 to back you up!

How does after-hours answering service work?

If you’ve never worked with an answering service before, we’ll explain just how simple it is to get started with one! At Answering Service Care we proudly offer same-day set-up, meaning that we can begin providing coverage in just a matter of hours. We will provide instructions (based on your carrier) on how to forward your phone to us. From there, your calls will forward to us during the times of your choosing. When a call comes in, it will be answered by a professional live receptionist who serves as a representative of your business. This individual can transfer calls, schedule appointments, answer general questions, qualify leads, take messages, and more.

Before answering that first call on your behalf, your virtual receptionist will receive comprehensive training on your business, industry, and the types of customers that they will be assisting. With over four decades as one of the best answering services, many of our live agents have been with us for years, and they have experience in working with businesses just like yours!

What can I expect from an after-hours answering service?

Businesses work with after-hours answering services to provide exceptional service to the customers who call at night and on weekends- without having to sacrifice their much-needed time off. Here are some of the things that you can expect when you partner with an after-hours answering service:

  • No more being woken up by a ringing work phone
  • No missing out on quality time with your family
  • No more worrying about whether you’re missing out on lots of business as a result of missing calls
  • No more feeling like you are going to burn out from exhaustion
  • Piece of mind knowing that your customers will receive great service regardless of when they call
  • More trust and confidence from your appreciative customers
  • More repeat business, client referrals, and five-star online reviews
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