A Holistic Practice Answering Service

Serves Your Patients Well

  • Courteous, competent and cost-effective trained live operators.
  • Conveniently access your messages from a computer or mobile device.
  • Send a more customer-friendly message with toll-free 800 Service.


A holistic practice answering service gives you more ways to support and nurture your whole patient, no matter what time of day it happens to be. It can be a vital part of any well-functioning holistic practice!

Your focus should be on your patients, but when the phone is ringing non-stop, it can be difficult to really give each one the attention they need and deserve. A holistic practice answering service understands that your time is valuable, so instead of listening to the phone ring all day, you can concentrate on solving the problems your patients face. They’ll be happier for the dedication you show and you’ll be less overwhelmed with the tasks ahead.

Answering Service Care offers a whole package of services to cover your business needs as completely as you care for your patients. Whether you want to sign up for chat support for your website or something more traditional over the phone, your holistic practice answering service includes exactly what your business needs to support your patients from start to finish, including:

  • Appointment Scheduling. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice time with patients in order to schedule appointments. Instead of working against your own interest, hiring a queue full of appointment setters takes that stress away from you, allowing you to give the visitors in your office the attention they need and to properly diagnose and treat their conditions. Your appointment setters will make, change and cancel appointments for your visitors using software compatible with what you’re already using, so you never have to worry about patients who fall through the cracks.
  • Overflow Calling. Letting your phone calls go to voicemail could be a dangerous practice that alienates many callers and ultimately costs patients. Instead of dealing with an unfeeling machine, your callers can leave a message with a human who will make the best decision about how to handle it, based on the information you provide. You can also give your holistic practice answering service information on your standard offerings and common caller questions and they can then relay that information to curious callers, reducing your number of returned calls.
  • Message Relay. No matter what time of day it is, you want to know that your patients are safe and healthy, but you simply can’t always be on the phone. Message relay allows you to take a little “me” time and still get urgent messages from patients through fax, email or SMS. Callers who can wait until morning can be organized into a log that explains what each caller needed so you can prioritize your call-backs, making your work even more efficient.
  • Disaster Recovery. When the unthinkable strikes, whether it’s fire, water, wind or earthquake, it’s important that your patients can stay in touch. Selecting disaster recovery with your holistic practice answering service ensures that you can provide instructions for patients and maintain a connection, no matter the circumstances. Disaster recovery also helps you get back up and running faster, since they will continue to take messages from your patients and rescheduling your appointments as necessary.

A holistic practice answering service from Answering Service Care could be the answer you’ve been seeking. We’ll take care of your customers just as carefully as you do in the office as a part of your team, so give us a call today at 800.430.6511 or email us to get started.


What Our Clients Are Saying

I just wanted you to know that everything about signing up with your service has been made wonderful by Gine’a. She sent me a handwritten thank you note, and she called me to follow up a few weeks later. When I was busy, and asked for a call back in two weeks, SHE CALLED ME BACK. I’m floored, just utterly impressed, with the service standard of your company. I wish I started five years ago. Melissa Miller
A client said this about one of our operators: Jamil was professional and polite. Speaking with her today made my day and I look forward to speaking with her tomorrow for service. Great job, Jamil!