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Does Your Answering Service Have the Personal Touch?

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What do customers hear when they dial your number and let it ring?

If it’s going straight to voicemail, you’re not offering much in the way of customer experience – and that could translate into a slumping business for you. Countless studies have confirmed that customer experience is one of the top factors that influence new customers to become loyal buyers. Your phone answering service might not seem like that much of a factor, but it actually be a critical part of your company growth.

A Bad Experience Can Ruin Your Business

According to the Customer Experience Report, 78% of customers have backpedalled on an intended transaction because of a poor customer experience. If your answering service or your staff is leaving a bad impression with callers, you could lose out on valuable orders.

We live in an information-rich, fast-paced environment. The difference between the customer experience now and 20 years ago is drastically different in all industries. It doesn’t matter whether you’re high-tech or low-tech, Internet-based or a brick-and-mortar business  – your customers are likely to be tech-driven. They can do research on your company, your products or your services in an instant. When they call in, they already typically know what to expect and why they are calling. The information you can provide is, sometimes, less important than the actual calling experience.

When prospects and customers call in, it’s a critical moment. If they are met with a personable, friendly and (most importantly) live voice at your business, they are going to take notice. They’ll be more likely to do business with you now, and into the future.

How Much Difference Can the Personal Touch Make?

Your answering service needs a personal touch because it can translate into more business. If a caller feels valued, it affects the way that they feel about your company. The feelings that your customers have about your company directly impact their likelihood of returning to buy, telling their friends or increasing their order.

A study in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology showed what a difference a personal touch could make. The wait staff at a busy restaurant was instructed to give either no mints, a few mints or mints and then a re-visit with more mints to their diners at the end of their meals. The third group – those that received two sets of mints – gave 21% more tips than the other groups. The extra visit made the difference and brought a personal touch that translated into a better return.

Personalizing Your Answering Service Experience

Although you and your staff can’t deliver mints through the phone, you can take advantage of the power of the personal touch. With a telephone answering service, you can be sure that your calls are answered promptly and personally. Your virtual receptionist can give prospects the personal touch they are looking for, and their entire experience with your company is potentially elevated.

Personal touches count! Make the most of them by using an answering service with live answering and 24/7 receptionists.

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