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Answering Service Care has proven itself as the most reliable and professional telephone answering service in the United States since 1974.

Our legal answering services respects the same parameters as does your legal practice; expertise, accuracy, and confidentiality. They understand that client communication is paramount to your practice, and Answering Service Care is there to support your practice 24/7, every day of the year. Just as you specialize in all legal matters, they specialize in all telephone answering service matters, from the specially trained phone answering staff to the latest telephone answering system technology.

Your Legal Practice Needs a Legal Telephone Answering Service

Time is a premium for every client case you and your team are managing, and your resources may be better used than manning the phones.   Leave client communication to the specialists at Answering Service Care, where they recognize the urgent and sensitive nature of every call; and will relay all communication exactly and with alacrity.

  • Live Operators : american based, courteous, competent, cost-effective
  • Virtual Assistant: screening and routing calls according to your specific instruction
  • Call Recording: access calls at your convenience
  • Call Overflow: route your clients to live operators, not to a busy signal
  • Manage Scheduling: no more double booking with real – time calendaring
  • Special Attention: client confidentiality, sensitivity to callers
Answering Service
Answering Services
Legal Practice Answering Service

Answering Service Care Meets The Demands of Your Legal Services Practice

Trust Answering Service Care to understand the important nature of your legal services, and to meet the demands of your urgent client communications.   Let Answering Service Care relieve the phone burden from your busy staff in a professional and cost effective manner.   Answering Service care realizes that your practice is contingent upon time-sensitive communication, delivered with accuracy and sensitivity; respecting confidentiality at all times.   There is no need to be overwhelmed by telephone communications when the team of professionals at Answering Service Care can streamline your legal answering service system so that you’ll never miss an important call or appointment.   A legal practice, more than most other services, cannot afford communication errors. Contact Answering Service Care and partner with their telephone answering specialists before your next case begins.

Why Answering Service Care for Legal Practice?

Since you don’t train, house or pay operators for call answering services for accountants like you would regular staff, they can present an incredible opportunity for savings. We know, because here at Answering Service Care we help offices like yours every single day. Give us a call at (800) 430.6511 or drop us an email and let us help you find more ways to tighten the budget.

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