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4 Ways that a Live Answering Service Benefits Service Contractors

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If your service-based business does quality work, you are likely generating positive online reviews and word of mouth among your clients. That’s great news, but what do you do when new leads decide to call your business? To help keep up with a high call volume, many service contractors partner with live answering services. An answering service takes the task of phone management off your plate while giving your business a more professional look. The best part: it is typically a fraction of the cost of an in-house receptionist.

Here are four ways that a live answering service benefits service contractors:

You’ll have one less hat to wear

As a service contractor, you can probably relate to wearing many different hats. From job estimates to client meetings to project management, your days are filled with a variety of tasks. While you’re traveling to and working on job sites, does it ever feel the like phone never stops ringing?

Spending most of your day on the phone doesn’t leave you with much time to complete other tasks. Fortunately, call management can be easily delegated. Here at Answering Service Care, we work with service-based businesses of all sizes. Our live agents are available whenever you need them to greet callers, answer general questions, set appointments, take messages, transfer calls, and more.

It’s more cost-efficient than an in-house receptionist

After you recognize the value of having someone manage your phone and appointment book for you, you must choose which type of receptionist you want. An in-house receptionist requires recruiting, training, office space, equipment, and a variety of fixed costs.  When you partner with a live answering service, there’s no need to house, train, equip or provide benefits. You will only be charged for the calls that our live agents answer, rather than paying a salary or hourly rate. When you work with an answering service, you also have access to the following options:

  • Bilingual operators to service your Spanish-speaking callers and make them feel comfortable.
  • 24/7 live answering services to ensure that your late-night callers are greeted and assisted by a real person.
  • If your business experiences busy and slow seasons, you can easily ramp up and cut back as needed.
  • Disaster recovery, so you still be there for your customers in the event of an emergency.

You can say “goodbye” to after-hours calls

You work hard all day, so wouldn’t it be nice to kick back and relax during your time off? When you partner with a 24/7 answering service, you can silence your phone and do just that. Our live agents are available whenever your customers need assistance, so you can enjoy more time with your friends, family, and pets.

You’ll look more professional

Answering your phone is one of the most important things that you can do to grow your business. However, picking up the phone while you’re on a loud job site can be as off-putting as not answering at all.

Answering Service Care represents service-based businesses with the highest level of professionalism. Our educated, U.S.-based live agents work remotely in quiet environments and will ensure that your calls are answered quickly and efficiently. These experienced individuals fully understand your industry and receive specialized training before ever answering a call on your company’s behalf.

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