4 Job-Hunting Tips For Your Next Search

4 Key Job-Hunting Tips For You
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Whether you’re looking to change positions or strike out in an entirely new industry, job hunting can be one of the most stressful processes in modern life.

The good news is that the rules for job hunting in 2017 haven’t changed much, even though the places you find jobs may have changed dramatically. When you’re looking for a job, it’s important to work your online networks, as well as explore offline opportunities.

Tips for a Better Job Hunt

No matter what industry you’re in, job hunting is all about being resourceful and presenting yourself in the best light. This is why things like resume formats and job applications have changed very little despite new ways of passing that information to potential HR departments.

Here are a few job-hunting tips to help you shine like a diamond when you’re ready to take a career leap

  • Prep your materials first. Before you even tell your best friend that you might be looking for a job, have your materials ready. Creating a resume for each job type that you’re considering can save you significant amounts of time and give you something to hand a potentially unexpected connection.Make sure your LinkedIn is up to date, as well, since up to 90 percent of recruiters consult the site for information on potential hires.
  • Scour your social media. Time and time again, social media has been responsible for someone who was otherwise well-qualified for a job losing a valuable opportunity. Whether you still have old pictures from college that show you in a less than flattering light or you’re sharing loud political opinions, it’s vital to either clean your social media up or lock it down.If you’d be embarrassed for your grandmother to see a post or a photo, make it go away because a potential employer will find it.
  • Remember to present yourself as a business asset. Your resume is about you, but it’s not really about you. It’s about how you can help the company you’re applying to. Keeping this in mind, you can focus in on elements of your training or job history that make you look like the ideal candidate for the position you’re seeking.Cover letters can be used as shorthand to point out your most important skills relative to the job in question, so don’t forget to include one.
  • Always come prepared. So much of landing the right job is really nailing the interview. Prepare ahead of time by researching the company and the job that you’ll be doing so you can be ready for questions about how you’ll fit into the picture. Bring a few questions of your own to demonstrate a real interest in the company and you’ll earn bonus points.

Hunting for jobs in the modern world isn’t the easiest process, but with a little planning and an open mind, you’ll find a suitable position in no time. Whether you’re looking for an entry level job at an answering service or a management position at a Fortune 500 company, it’s all about presenting a professional front and having a true curiosity about the business you’ll be entering.

If you are looking for more information on becoming a customer service representative, be sure to visit our Answering Service Job Opportunities page.

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