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3 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from a Bilingual Virtual Receptionist

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In today’s global economy, it’s important for businesses to be able to serve customers in a variety of languages. Comprising of 18.1% of the population, the United States has more Hispanic residents than ever before. Of these estimated 58.9 million individuals, over 9 million reported that they speak English “not well,” or “not at all.”

What types of businesses can benefit from a bilingual virtual receptionist?

It’s not surprising that as a result, the demand for bilingual talent has grown in a variety of industries. Many employers are now seeking workers who speak more than one language, particularly in industries that provide services involving a high degree of communication with customers. These industries can include but are not limited to, medical, legal, real estate, and all types of service providers.

Given these facts, do you think your business can benefit from having a bilingual person to communicate with your customers? Before rushing to hire a Spanish-speaking employee, consider what you need them for. If it’s to help with tasks like answering the phones, scheduling appointments, and providing basic information about your business, it may not be necessary to hire an in-house employee. It is likely more cost-efficient to outsource these tasks to a bilingual answering service, where you will only be charged for the calls that your virtual receptionist handles.

Aside from cost savings, here are three ways your business can benefit from having a bilingual virtual receptionist to communicate with Spanish-speaking callers.

  • More happy customers lead to more positive reviews. In today’s age of online reviews, unhappy customers are often quicker to post about their experience than a happy customer is. When a customer is angry enough to write a negative review, you not only lose them but also potential customers who read the bad review. With 80% of people choosing to go elsewhere if they read bad reviews about your business online, it’s crucial to do everything you can to avoid them. Having a bilingual virtual receptionist to service your Spanish-speaking callers shows them that you care about them, and the ease of communicating in their primary language will likely result in a positive experience.
  •  Satisfied customers will tell their friends about your business. An American Express survey found that on average, an individual will tell 9 people about good experiences, and 16 people about poor ones. While it would be ideal if happy customers told more friends about their experience with a business, this statistic shows just how important it is to go the extra mile to make your customers happy. If you have a customer that speaks little or no English, chances are that their inner circle consists of other Spanish speakers. Once they tell these friends and family members about their great experience with your bilingual virtual receptionist, these people may also consider calling your business.
  •  Clear communication results in fewer missed appointments. When a live agent and a caller can’t clearly understand each other, information gets lost and miscommunicated, which can lead to missed appointments. A bilingual virtual receptionist can find out a Spanish-speaking caller’s true intent, and make sure that both parties are on the same page regarding appointment dates and times.
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