Why Your Answering Service Greeting Matters

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Working with an answering service provider means that you and your staff will have more time to do what’s important in your business.

But handing off incoming calls to an outsourced answering service can be a bit nerve-wracking. Since they are in charge of the first impression of your business, it’s essential that they convey professionalism and friendliness.

Answering Service At The Forefront Of Customer Service

Every incoming call is a chance to make a customer feel valued and your answering service is on the front lines of that process. It’s essential that they use a standardized greeting that makes a good impression on the callers and ups the “wow” factor for your company. With a warm, welcoming answering service greeting, your callers will instantly know they’ve reached the right party and they will get the help they need.

Basic Elements To Your Answering Service Greeting

There are three basic elements to a great answering service greeting. Be sure you have all of the pieces so you can reap the benefits of working with a professional answering service team.

The greeting portion – Whether it’s a simple “Hello” or a “Good Morning,” the first thing out of your answering service agent’s mouth should be a greeting. You could also try “Thank you for calling” or another common greeting. Using a greeting before announcing the company’s name makes callers feel more welcome. It sets the stage for a friendly call.

The company introduction portion – Incoming callers need to know that they’ve reached the right numbe7r when they call. After the friendly greeting portion, your answering service agent should follow with your company name. Depending on the nature of your business, they could go with more formal “You’ve reached ABC company” or if your company is more casual and friendly your agents can use “Thanks so much for calling ABC Company.” Be sure that all call center agents understand the proper way to pronounce your company name to avoid any mix-ups.

The question portion – Your callers need help of some sort. That’s why they are skipping your website and calling you directly. Your answering service agents should offer to help after the friendly greeting and company introduction. There are several different options for this portion from “How may I assist you?” to “How may I direct your call?” If your answering service agents are handling any customer service needs, the question may need to be “May I please have your customer number so I can provide you with excellent service?” Whatever your selection is, it should naturally lead the caller to the next step.

Your answering service greeting matters – a lot. Get it right with these three tips.


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