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Why You Need an Answering Service?

Answering Service
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Never Miss Another Call!

A small business need leads to grow and compete in the marketplace, and leads can come at any time of the day: that’s why you need an answering service. Answering Service Care offers a highly-trained, economical, and effective live answering service to help your business reduce overheads and increase its capture of leads.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you need an answering service like ours:

As an industry leader for over four decades, we know what it takes to help your healthcare practice better serve patients and improve patient outcomes with better telephone answering support.

24/7 Phone Coverage

Don’t miss out on your new customers. The only bird that gets more worms than the early one is the one that never sleeps!

Bilingual Callers

Can your business answer inquiries in more than one language? Don’t needlessly leave money on the table!

Receptionist Services

A dedicated, professional receptionist service will represent your company better than someone doing three jobs at once.

24/7 Phone Coverage

Your business hours shouldn’t determine when you can accept incoming leads. That’s leaving as much as two-thirds of the day out of the equation.

In the global marketplace, phone calls can come at any time of the day. Increasingly, the decision-makers for companies are of the millennial mindset, with expectations that any inquiry will receive a prompt response. Millennials have also become the largest demographic in the B2C marketplace. Regardless of your business model, you don’t want to be put in a situation where your competitors are gobbling up your leads because they are available 24 hours a day and your lead calls them after being unable to reach your company.

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Same Day Setup Answering Service

Bilingual Callers

Does your company have Spanish-speaking customers? Would you like it to?

There are 41 million American residents who speak Spanish at home, and over 11.5 million more bilingual people who speak English and Spanish. That’s more Spanish speakers than the entire population of Spain! But in 2017 there were 16.3 million Spanish-speaking American residents who lacked confidence in their English. That’s over 5 percent of the population of the United States! Can you imagine 5% of your callers getting frustrated and hanging up on you because you don’t have someone who can engage with them in their first language? Make sure Spanish-speaking callers know that they’re welcome clients: choose a bilingual answering service to help your business grow.

Your New Receptionist Services

You want exceptional customer service to be one of the things your company is known for. Who doesn’t? If your receptionist is doing three things at once, though, that business call professionalism is likely to be one of the things that suffer. Give your employees a break, and choose a virtual receptionist service to handle incoming calls. A professional live receptionist service offers superior results to a call center or multitasking office assistant. For example:

Live Answering Services

No Long-Term Contract

Our clients stay with us because we meet their needs and exceed their expectations. No obligation, no hard sell.

Same Day Setup

When you are ready, we can get you up and running in one day. Easy and efficient!

Free Mobile App

We believe in empowering our clients to manage their services in the most user-friendly way possible.

Answering Service
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We Love Our Answering Service Clients!

They do CARE about each one of their clients and staff, everyone is truly friendly and sincerely willing to help, the trainer team is fabulous!
Lowell TaylorLowell Taylor
10:21 01 Mar 22
We're extremely pleased with our experience with Answering Service Care. Getting set up was easy and if you have any questions they always get back to you. I'd highly recommend them.
Lowell TaylorLowell Taylor
17:55 24 Feb 22
Very good company to partner with. I would highly recommend them.
konrad skoczylaskonrad skoczylas
11:52 23 Feb 22
Best thing i could have done for our business. The price is very inexpensive and the service they provide is top notch. Mr. Michael Diaz is one of the most professional reps i have ever had pleasure of dealing with. I called Answering Service Care after finding them online. Michael explained to me the charges and how the service works .And took the time to answer my questions, I jumped onboard 15 min later and two days later my personalized answering service was in full swing. I got very positive feed back from my customers who were able to talk to live person and leave a message that i got emailed texted and send to me through the app. Wonderful Service, Wonderful company and great people Thanks Michael
Juan SantanaJuan Santana
22:30 17 Feb 22
A great service for all of us needed a professional, courteous, and efficient answering service. Thank you!

Hire the Right Answering Service for You

Ultimately, to save money and project an image of greater professionalism, responsiveness, and availability, there’s no better option than choosing an elite answering service. Answering Service Care is ready to give your business the support it needs to grow and flourish. Contact us today via email or telephone at (800) 430-6511 to learn how we can help your business do more with less.

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