Our name says it all: We care.

It could make all the difference in whether your business succeeds or falls by the wayside.

Answering Service Care’s Web-Integrated Solutions put the full power of the Internet in your hands to enhance and possibly transform your business – and save you money, too!

We use Web-enabled platforms to bring full-service phone answering solutions to you, your clients and customers. Web integration empowers our live telephone operators with detailed instructions via their computer screens on exactly how to handle your calls and what information to provide your callers.

Operators interact with your callers to both receive and provide information. We also have a Web-Integrated automatic Interactive Voice Response answering system.

For a trucking firm, for instance, the information might involve drivers’ routes; for a medical office, patient records. (These are just two of the numerous industries we serve.)

Answering Service Technology

Where do the instructions and information come from? You!

You write the script. You’re in control. You’re the boss.

Like all of our telephone answering services, our Web-Integrated Solutions are fully customized to your exact specifications. You can easily and securely access and update your company’s unique database.

Following your explicit instructions, live operators or IVR can:

  • transfer a call
  • forward a call
  • take an order
  • take a message
  • forward a message as an email or text message to any mobile device
  • access maps to provide directions to callers
  • access your company phone directory to give a caller a number
  • inform one of your employees of the day’s work schedule . . .

It goes on and on. There’s a term for it: multitasking. Web-Integrated Solutions from Answering Service Care are the ultimate multitaskers.

You can’t find better Web-Integrated Solutions anywhere.

This state-of-the-art technology also allows you, through our Quality Control Division, to monitor and review your calls, save audio files and data entries, and spot trends in customer calling and operator answering patterns. If knowledge is power, knowledge like this gives you a powerful edge on your competition.

In every way, we’re a seamless extension of your own office – within the bounds of the information you provide us and want us to have. All of our telephone answering services are Web-integrated or Web-enhanced to better serve you and your customers.

It’s what our clients have come to expect from us an internationally recognized industry leader. We’re proud to stand among the very best answering services in the world.

Answering Service Technology

We Love Our Happy Clients!

Very nice answering service. The people are very professional and precise. I definitely recommend.
Donna C

Answering Service Care…..why did we not sign up sooner? We have now been with them for a few weeks and knowing that our patients are being taken care of (when we are not there to answer the phones)….just like we take care of them…is so nice. I had a brand new emergency patient’s daughter remark about our answering service….how they even remembered the next day about the pain her Mom had been in…and how is she feeling! I love these people…if they were near where we are…I’d bake them cookies and take them into them!

Heather Y

We used Answering Service Care to handle incoming calls both during business hours and after business hours for our small cleaning service. This company was very professional and offered competitive rates for the services they were providing. If you are looking for an answering service for your business, I would highly recommend considering Answering Service Care to service your needs.

Gary M

Great answering service. I 100% recommend them. A long time client called in and recognized how enthusiastic and professional we were on the phone since hiring answering service care.

Christopher T.

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