Answering Service

Custom Message Delivery
Email, fax, text, live or recorded phone – you name it.

Custom Message Delivery is all about convenience and efficiency – for you and your callers. Your peace of mind matters, and when you work with an outside answering service such as Answering Service Care, it’s important that you know your messages are being properly and accurately recorded and, in turn, relayed to you and your team members.

You Control Your Message Delivery Options

If your question is, How are our answering service messages delivered?, then our best answer is: However you want them to be delivered. To that end, we offer our clients an array of 24/7-available real-time and recorded message delivery options, including:

  • Email
  • Fax
  • Text/SMS
  • Secure messaging (great for HIPPA compliance!)
  • Live readback with a telephone answering agent/operator
  • Client access via our secure web portal

If you so choose, we will also automatically email or fax you a log of all your calls so that you can track and analyze patterns and trends, and respond or make adjustments accordingly.

Leading the Answering Services Industry Since 1974

Since we started out as a family-owned and –operated business all the way back in 1974, we have been committed in every imaginable way to making our clients’ – and their callers’ – experience as positive, friendly, efficient and streamlined as possible. We offer the highest level of customization in the answering services industry, and that extends to the custom message delivery options we offer our clients.

We’ll Tell You More About Answering Service Custom Delivery Options

How and when you have your messages delivered to you matters. Let’s talk more about what you need and why. Contact us via email or phone (800.430.6511) at your convenience. We look forward to getting connected soon!