Answering Service

All American

All operators U.S.-based, all calls answered in the U.S. 

It’s almost inevitable in today’s global economy that at least some of the phone calls you make will be answered by answering service or call center operators who are located outside of the United States.

And while offshore telephone answering services may seem to be less expensive, the truth is that the quality of the call experience can vary greatly. When you outsource your answering service needs to our team, you can rest assured that you will never be “sent” overseas or to a non-U.S.-based agent operator.

That’s because the Answering Service Care team is 100% U.S.-based.

Since all the way back in 1974, we have been a family-owned answering service operating 100% in and from the U.S. We believe strongly that our clients and their callers have a more efficient, satisfying call experience when the remote answering service agent they speak with is one who is based in the U.S. We also offer bilingual (English/Spanish) agent options for those clients and callers who prefer to do business in Spanish or in both languages combined.

Our U.S.-based Answering Service Team is highly-trained and well-supervised. 

We feel confident that our award-winning answering service team is among the best trained in the business. Certainly, part of this confidence comes from knowing that all of our treasured employees are all based within the U.S. Our clients feel good knowing that their callers are communicating clearly, easily and without frustration with answering service operators who put efficiency, professionalism and friendliness first.

We want to hear from you! Ready to get set up with Answering Service Care today? Still have questions? Want to discuss the best service options for you? Contact us via email or phone (800.430.6511) and we will get you help and guidance for whatever you need. We look forward to serving you and your callers!