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You’re known for your beautiful garden designs, tender care of plants young and old and even that special touch you give to the lawn when you mow it, and the calls just won’t stop coming. It’s great for business, but juggling the phone and the actual work of your landscaping company can be a lot all at once.

It’s really time to get some help, but a full-time receptionist isn’t really in the budget. How about a landscape answering service company?

How an Answering Service Can Help Landscapers

Your accounting goes out to an accountant, you have a mechanic who fixes your truck when it breaks down, it makes perfect sense to hire a dedicated telephone expert to take your calls.

An answering service can help a landscaping company like yours do more with less, and it’ll keep you within budget. Since you don’t have to house, train or provide benefits for the extra help and they only charge for the calls they take, you can realize significant and immediate financial savings over an in-house telephone operator.

Besides that, there are other ways that a landscape answering service can help you make more money, including:

  • Giving you more time to spend working. When you’re tied to your phone, you have to stop every so often to check messages and see who needs your attention right then. An answering service is trained to answer calls, ask for very specific information from the caller, give them any answers you have provided and reassure them that you’ll get back to them as soon as possible.You can get the messages via SMS, email or fax and handle them at the end of your work day so you can spend more uninterrupted and time working and less time answering calls and looking for voicemails.
  • Setting more appointments. The truth is that most callers will hang up before they get to your voicemail. They want to know they’ve been heard, and voicemail just doesn’t cut it these days. When a caller gets the answering service, that’s a reassuring human on the end of the line.You can take it one step further and use your answering service to set appointments for future service calls or to bid new jobs. That way, your caller feels like their place in your day has been secured and your schedule has some structure. The software top answering services use integrates with the tools you’re already using, so you’ll always know where you’re supposed to be.
  • Providing professional customer service. Optional answering services like virtual receptionist or customer service can give your company an even better reputation.When customers call with problems or needing to ask questions about their bills, your professional operators can help ease their troubled minds or de-escalate the situation. Reputation means a lot these days and it’s easy enough for an angry customer to get online and ruin yours, a little extra customer care can fix a lot of misunderstandings.

An answering service can be an ideal partner for a landscaping company like yours. Instead of spending so much energy on the telephone, you’ll be free to focus on bidding more jobs and expanding your business.

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