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Personalized customer service is a hot topic these days, and businesses across many industries are now prioritizing it. From hotels to law firms, to real estate brokerages, businesses have become very skilled at delivering personalized experiences. Making personalized customer service part of your small business’ strategy can help you keep up- or even stand out- among the competition while satisfying the demands of your customers.

Here are some reasons why your business should deliver personalized customer service experiences, as well as how you can start providing them immediately with a live answering service.

Today’s customers have high expectations

It’s no longer enough to provide a great product at a phenomenal price if the customer experience is lousy. Customers know what they want from businesses, and exceptional service is at the top of their list. These statistics show just how high the expectations of today’s consumers are:

  • 90% of consumers admit that they are more likely to buy from brands that provide personalized experiences.
  • Customers want to be treated like people- not numbers, with 84% agreeing that this is crucial to winning their business.

Personalized customer service leads to increased revenue and loyalty

There is a correlation between incredible customer service and increased sales. Happy customers will go out of their way to support your company in the form of repeat purchases, writing positive reviews, and referring their friends and family. With 72% of customers sharing positive experiences with six or more people, providing exceptional service is a quick, simple way to grow your business. Even if you don’t offer the most competitive prices in your industry, consider this statistic: 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a pleasant, seamless customer experience.

Stay ahead of your competition

The rise of the Internet has led to intense competition, but it has also made it easier for companies to increase customer engagement. There are more ways than ever to communicate with and “wow” customers with great service. With that said, 88% of companies now prioritize customer experience, and this percentage is expected to increase in 2021. Your competitors are likely already stepping up their customer service game, and so must you if you don’t want to get left behind.

Deliver more personalized customer service with a live answering service

Here at Answering Service Care, we understand the importance of providing customers with personalized experiences. As one of the best answering services since 1974, we pay close attention to statistics and trends regarding what consumers want. We consider that information when finding new ways to innovate and deliver the best service in the industry.

One example of this is by offering a variety of ways for your customers to communicate with a live representative of your business. With desktop usage on a trending decline, 52% of all internet traffic now comes from mobile. As people spend more time on smartphones, it’s important that they can use them to connect with your business.

We are proud of our new SMS text messaging, web chat, and email features where our live agents can respond on behalf of your business to schedule appointments, answer general questions, and more. No matter how your customers wish to communicate, our live agents are ready to provide them with friendly, professional service!

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