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Why Do U.S. – based Agents Make a Difference?

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There are a lot of reasons that businesses just like your choose to use an answering service.

Some may deal with high call volumes and want to keep call quality high. Others have a small staff and can’t dedicate a full time employee to answering busy phones. Whatever your reason may be for using phone answering services for your business, you should be sure to look for Top Rated Answering Service in the USA agents to handle your calls.

Business Telephone Services are Coming Home

Within the last two decades, there’s been a general push to send call center services overseas to countries like the Philippines and India. The lower wages in these countries for answering service operators seemed to be the driving factor. When the U.S. economy was stronger, outsourcing virtual receptionist and telephone answering services overseas made good fiscal sense – but it was often not in the best interest for customers.

It used to be that outsourcing was the norm. Having an overseas-outsourced solution provide phone answering services for your small business could offer significant cost savings in some cases, but at the cost of customer service. Now, the trend is reversing because customers are valuing experience and attention to detail instead of price.

According to NPR, several answering service firms are bringing their business back to the U.S. As the business world begins to recover from the recession, the value of “cheap” overseas call centers isn’t as profound. There are also the increasing costs of labor in India, one of the most popular locations for outsourced call center work. The country has experienced high inflation and double-digit annual raises in some sectors, which has caused many U.S. companies to look to insourcing instead of outsourcing the labor.

Business Telephone Services and the Customer Experience

Even if price were still a factor in your answering service choice, working with a U.S.-based call center is a smart move. Research published by the CFI group showed that the clarity of speech in customer service representatives made a huge difference in their ability to solve customer issues.

The study showed that:

  • 88% of customer issues were resolved when customer service representatives were perceived to speak clearly
  • Just 44% of customer issues were resolved when customer service representatives were not clear with their speech

Language skills made a measurable difference in whether or not customers are feeling supported. It’s not just about perception when it comes to choosing an answering service – it’s also about results. When you use a U.S.-based business telephone service, your calls will be handled by someone who can speak clearly and help customers get what they need.

The trend toward “insourcing” answering service talent in the U.S. is there for a reason. Larger companies and small businesses alike have realized the importance of the customer experience. For your phone answering needs, you should only be turning to a U.S.-based agency.

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