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What’s A Bilingual Answering Service?

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The New York Post reported in 2015 that there were now an estimated 52.6 million people in the United States that speak fluent Spanish, 41 million of which speak Spanish primarily.

This language barrier can be a major stumbling block for so many businesses that want to service Spanish speakers, but only have English speakers working at their answering service companies. Fortunately, there are bilingual answering services out there filling in the gap for businesses like yours.

Instead of turning away Spanish-speaking callers or struggling to understand them, a bilingual answering service guarantees smooth transaction with all of your customers, no matter their language. More than 30 percent of the population in states like New Mexico, California, Texas and Arizona are Spanish speakers, which means you could be missing out on a lot of business by simply ignoring this vital need.

Here are a few ways that a bilingual answering service can increase your business dramatically:

Showing the Spanish-speaking community that you care about them. Referrals are a keystone to any successful business venture, but when you isolate an entire community of people it’s difficult to convince them that you’re interested in helping. Instead of stopping Spanish-speaking callers at the answering service gates, let them in and make them feel welcome from the first time they call your company.

Helping Spanish-speakers with after-hours orders. Customer service is key to everything, but you can’t always be there to take orders and help customers with complaints. Your answering service can, though, and they’re often the first voice your Spanish-speaking callers associate with your business. Providing them dedicated operators who can help with order-taking and answering questions about products is a big step toward servicing customers you might have only been able to help in person or on a limited basis in the past.

Increasing understanding and clarity overall. The goal of having an answering service is to increase your customer touch and boost service overall. When your operators can’t understand your callers, they fail at this very basic aim. Clear messages that convey the caller’s true intent, accurate appointment setting and truly compassionate listeners will impress your callers and make it easier to service them appropriately.

The end goal to hiring a bilingual answering service is to provide a comfortable way for your Spanish-speaking customers to communicate with you and your representatives. If they can’t call you when they need to ask a question or place an order, your business is going to suffer immensely. Although you may be able to inch along without engaging the Spanish-speaking demographic in your area, the perception of your business could be massively injured if you continue to ignore this growing group of Americans.

If you want to present a front that makes you look like a total professional, you need a bilingual answering service to help. Every Fortune 500 company has an option for Spanish-speaking operators and if you hope to capture some of the Spanish-speaking market, you need to have one, too. It’s a simple way for you to show how much you care about your Spanish-speaking neighbors and you’ll only be charged for the calls that your bilingual answering service handles. It’s a win-win situation!

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