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What is a Specialty Answering Service?

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Looking for answering services for your business? Try a specialty answering service. These live telephone answering services are customized to meet the needs of your business or the needs of your industry.

No business is the same, so it makes sense that the best answering services aren’t offered with a one-size-fits-all approach. Although there are some basics you can come to rely on – like call forwarding or secure voicemail inboxes – finding a specialized service to meet your exact needs will be a key in your search for business telephone service providers.

Here are some specialty answering service options you’ll want to consider to help narrow your search:

Call Center Support

In addition to regular live telephone answering, your company may have a need for call center support. Through sophisticated call center technology, your answering service can provide a scalable, flexible solution for your call center needs.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

This specialty service is offered by some business telephone service providers as a way to save time and money. IVR is an automated call-handling service that will provide basic information to incoming callers, prompted by voice or keyed-in responses. If your business has a lot of incoming calls that can be handled with automated responses, this is a great specialty services option.

Disaster Recovery Call Coverage

Disasters aren’t predictable, but your live telephone answering services can be. Look for business telephone service providers that can help you handle calling services during disasters. When a problem occurs, your service can handle important calls, reassure callers and deliver messages where they need to be.

Medical Answering Services

Medical and healthcare offices have specific needs that can be met with a specialty answering service. With 24/7 coverage of incoming phone calls, patients always feel supported with live telephone answering that keeps their confidentiality in mind. Whether callers need to set appointments or have a full-blown medical emergency, this type of specialty service can make sure they get the service they need.

Legal Answering Services

Some business telephone service providers offer answering series for law firms, attorneys and solo practice lawyers to help reduce their workload and keep clients satisfied. Highly-trained legal receptionists know how to handle typical incoming calls while keeping client confidentiality in mind.

Service Contractor Services

Service contractors often have odd work hours and get emergency calls from customers in times of crisis. With this type of specialty live telephone answering service, incoming calls get picked up 24/7 and carefully screened. Situations that need immediate attention can be forwarded and handled right away, and other calls receive excellent customer service regardless.

This list only scratches the surface of what specialty answering services can bring to your business. As you compare business telephone service providers, look for specialty options that will help you meet the unique needs of clients in your industry.

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