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What Does ‘The Cloud’ Have To Do With Your Business? (Part 2 of 2)

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This is part two in a two-part series. Read part one here.

In part one of this two-part blog series, we discussed several of the benefits of moving your business to The Cloud, but there’s so much more to know about what The Cloud has to do with your company.

For example, we didn’t yet touch upon the idea of setting up a virtual office — which is a really cool option if you’re looking to boost your company’s bottom line by eliminating overhead.

Telecommuting and the Virtual Office

Many types of businesses can expect to be able to shrink their workforces and move an increasing number of workers off-site with a little help from The Cloud.

Of course, telecommuting started happening before The Cloud, but it was fraught with technical challenges. Today, your employees need only log into The Cloud server to communicate, collaborate and complete their assigned tasks — no technical background required.

Businesses that have walk-in traffic will still require some kind of physical presence, of course, but even doctors and lawyers, who often need extensive staffs, can move into smaller facilities when their support staff is largely off-site. Add an answering service to the team and you may never go back to business the old-fashioned way.

Telecommuters are Highly Productive Workers

In 1994, when AT&T celebrated its first Employee Telecommuting Day, no one knew what lay ahead for telecommuters.

The concern was that they’d be less productive workers, but study after study shows the opposite. According to 2015 The Remote Worker Survey completed by ConnectSolutions, 77 percent of workers report greater productivity when working offsite. US News & World Report backs up that data, stating that “telecommuters log five to seven more hours per week than non-telecommuters, often working even when they’re sick or on vacation.”

A stronger case for the success of a virtual office couldn’t be made, especially if your employees are salaried. Moving your business to The Cloud potentially eliminates utility bills, the expense of maintaining a physical location and costly equipment, since workers will be logging in through their home computers. Your answering service can man your phone and send messages instantly via text or email so you can add that personal touch for customers who need it.

Moving Your Business to The Cloud

In the current technological climate, it’s a small thing to turn your real life business into a whole or mostly virtual one on The Cloud, though there are a few important things to note before you make the switch. Sometimes your existing software isn’t fully Cloud-compatible, making the move more challenging. Older systems are especially tricky, so a multiple-stage implementation with guidance from your Cloud service may be necessary.

Even so, after the initial growing pains have passed, most businesses quickly see how much more efficiently their teams can work in a virtual environment. Without all the distractions that a traditional office offers, The Cloud is the future of business streamlining. The question isn’t really if your company will move operations there, it’s when — even if you need to maintain a physical office for in-person customer contact.

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