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What Does A Funeral Directors Answering Service Do?

How answering services can help funeral directors
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Being a funeral director is a major responsibility, especially when it comes to helping bereaved families and friends.

It can be very difficult to juggle the various duties your job demands by yourself, especially if your funeral home is still small and your staff is limited to those most crucial roles. You don’t want your clients to suffer because of how busy you are, but there simply aren’t enough hours in the day right now.

So, what can you do?

A Funeral Director’s Answering Service Increases Compassion

When callers have experienced a very recent death, any small thing can upset them further.

Those raw nerves are hard-earned, but that also spells extra effort on your part to always sound professional and calm no matter what’s happening in your business or personal life. Sometimes, you can miss those important cues that make it easier to empathize with people who are heartbroken because of your hectic schedule.

This is where an answering service can make all the difference. Instead of leaving things to chance, callers will always get a friendly voice when they connect to your funeral home. You never have to worry about accidentally hurting someone further when professional operators are on the job.

Here are just a few benefits of hiring an answering service or dedicated virtual receptionist for your funeral home:

  • Increase your staff’s focus. When there’s no one available to answer the telephone, your staff may try to rush what they’re doing to catch the call. This not only decreases client touch, it stretches your staff really thin as they’re constantly forced to switch modes.A virtual receptionist can handle all your calls, or just pick up the calls you can’t get to because of other priorities. Either way, you have the peace of mind knowing your callers are being handled with care.
  • Broaden your availability to callers. Your clients may think about making pre-arrangements or have a question about a funeral expense after-hours, but when you finally call them back the next day, they’re not ready to talk.Answering services can act as a sort of customer service for you, as well. Just arm them with the information they need to give your callers the answers they seek and you’ll lose fewer potential leads to bigger facilities.
  • Prioritizing call-backs. Call logs are amazing things when it comes to returning calls. At a glance, you can decide who needs to get the first and most attention and who can be either handed off to another member of your staff or is able to wait for a call-back.Prioritizing your calls means you can deliver the right answers to those who need them right away! An answering service operator is trained to ask the proper questions so you have all the information you need to care for your customers.

Being a funeral director doesn’t mean having to take on the burden of the world all on your own. Services like virtual receptionists and after hours call answering can help you help others in their darkest hours.

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