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What Can a Remote Receptionist Do for You?

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Receptionists help put a friendly face on your company, but they don’t need to be in your physical office to do so.

A remote receptionist can fulfill an important need for your business and help you make a great first impression – all from a remote location away from your office.

Having a remote receptionist to answer your phones can help your business in multiple ways – here’s how:

Remote receptionists help customers feel valued.

Have you ever called a company and been routed through an automated answering service? When no one answers, you may feel ignored, undervalued and ready to find a different business to work with. Your company’s customers are the same. With a remote receptionist, your customers are greeted properly and get the help that they need. Instead of a cold recording, your callers get a warm, friendly voice that makes them feel cared for.

Remote receptionists can help you work remotely.

If your business requires you to be out and away from the office frequently, a remote receptionist can help you stay on top of it all. He or she will take all of your incoming calls and screen them for importance. If the call is something that needs to be handled by you personally, then they can forward that call to you remotely so you can help the customer. If not, then the remote receptionist can take a message and you can follow up when it’s more convenient. This allows you to feel free to leave the office when you need to without the fear that you’ll miss an important call.

Remote receptionists can help you manage your time better – and stress less.

Even if you’re not out of the office on a regular basis, there are more important things that you need to do besides answering the phone. With a remote receptionist on your team, you don’t have to scramble to pick up the phone or interrupt your more important work. You can manage your work time better, and reduce your overall stress level.

Remote receptionists can answer important questions for customers.

Think that receptionists just pick up the ringing phone and transfer calls? Think again! Remote receptionists can not only give your customers your basic information – like office hours and fax number – but they can be trained to deliver even more value. Basic FAQ calls can steal your staff’s time away from more important things. By arming your remote receptionist with answers to the most common questions, they can help you save even more time.

Remote receptionists are more than just service providers. With their help, you can save time, stress less and have happier customers – and who doesn’t want that?


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