Answering Service Care Web App

User-friendly access and control of your Answering Service Care account!

  • Instant. Effective. Targeted: Follow Up With Callers Via Email.
  • Never miss another call…no matter where you are or what time of day it is.

At Answering Service Care, we are always working hard to create and update tools that make our clients’ lives easier, and their experience with us as efficient, affordable and satisfying as possible.

We’re so proud of our industry-leading Answering Service Care web app

Years in the making, this one-of-a-kind tool gives our answering service clients what we like to call a “full 360 degrees view” of their accounts, including messages, on-call scheduling and usage details. As with everything else we do here, this is a tool that was created with our clients in mind.

Web-friendly, streamlined and so simple to use

We enjoy seeing firsthand just how valuable the Answering Services Care web app is for all of our clients.

Whether at the office or on the go on a mobile device, our clients have access to all of the app’s features at their fingertips. Our web app helps us make sure that we are being as efficient and effective as we can possibly be in delivering answering services to you and your team. We’ve had so much great client feedback so far, and we look forward to doing even even more!

Truly, this app is the kind of technology that not only gives our clients access and visibility to areas in which they never had it before, but it is also a one-of-a-kind app when it comes to the answering services industry overall.



What else can your answering service secure web application do?

You can:

  • Manage account users
  • View real-time reporting, including data related usage and messages, 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Listen to your calls directly from the message view (if you have Instant Replay call recording as an active feature)
  • View your call scripts, just as one of our agents sees it
  • Manage on-call workflow contacts and escalations easily and efficiently
  • Empower yourself and your team to change details, information and specifics whenever needed, including on-the-go (and without having to pick up the phone and call us)
  • Rate the Answering Service Care team, ask us questions and/or leave us comments
  • Enable secure message notifications as a feature (especially important for our clients who are required to be HIPAA-compliant)
  • And more!

We are here to help. Ready to learn more about how to use the Answering Service Care secure web app starting today? Let’s talk! Contact us via email or by phone at (800) 430.6511 to start the conversation. We look forward to serving you, your team and your callers.


What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

You are so wonderful to us. Just keep being there and no matter who’s on call, with you in the gap we can get through everything. We love you guys and so deeply appreciate your professionalism and warm hearts. Thank you! Melody Gibson, WA, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the National Runaway Switchboard.
Perfect, perfect, perfect! The agent had perfect tone, followed the script perfectly, and relayed perfect message. Shari Smith, CA, Insurance Company