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Lakewood WA Answering Service

Professional services and other service-related businesses in Lakewood, Washington and areas like Lewis McChord , Tacoma and Oakbrook who have not avail themselves of Answering Service Care globally recognized live answering services may find themselves at a competitive disadvantage. Our professional live operators and other Washington answering service solutions provide Lakewood businesses with superior telephone communication services that help them gain the respect and loyalty of customers, clients and patients who prefer to patronize business operations that give them the attention and respect they deserve.

Settlers began flocking to this area around the 1850s after Washington became a territory. However, Lakewood, WA did not start establishing itself until the late 1930s after the Great Depression. Located in Pierce County and incorporated in February 1996, the city sit just seven miles south of Tacoma and considered one of its major suburbs. Seattle lies about 31 miles to the north. About 57,000 residents call Lakewood home and 1000 business operate within the city’s boundaries. The Lewis McChord Air Force Base plays a major role in Lakewood’s economy along with the construction, health care and various services sectors. The service economy is very competitive; Answering Service Care has over three decades of experience helping professionals and other service enterprises deliver the best in telephone communications.

As a family-owned and operated answering service company, we understand the nuances of growing a service business. Because we work with a wide variety of businesses from nearly every sector of the economy, we have gained invaluable insights and developed cutting-edge telephone communication solutions that have made us an internationally recognized leader in the answering service industry. Answering Service Care’s live operators have a reputation for their professionalism, skills and warmth. Do not underestimate the value of these attributes when it comes to your callers.

Marketing extraordinaire Dan Kennedy conducted a survey to find out why customers left one business to patronize another. The overwhelming majority (68 percent) stated that the number one reason for defecting to a business competitor related to the feeling of unimportance and the business taking them for granted. Business owners spend a significant amount of resources in developing their services and attracting customers, clients and patients to their brand. Many business owners unintentionally relegate telephone service to the back burner, which may consist of voice mails or long wait times in calling queues. When you consider another study found that 70 percent of callers will not leave a message on voice mails – can you spell “LOST BUSINESS?” Answering Service Care can help eliminate these concerns!

The name of Answering Service Care exemplifies how we treat our clients with “CARE.” We have the same attitude about service when it comes to managing your telephone and callers. Whether you intend to start a new business, or want to improve telephone services for an existing operation, Answering Service Care can formulate a plan to ensure you never miss a call and your clientele always feel appreciated. Contact us now to discuss the low-cost, extremely effective solution we can put in place for your Lakewood, Washington business.