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Are You Missing Valuable Business Calls?

A business like yours can put its best foot forward with the help of a virtual receptionist service by an answering service.

Full-time, in-house receptionists can be costly to hire, especially when you don’t really have enough call volume to keep them busy all day, but a virtual receptionist gives you the best of both worlds. With a 24/7 virtual receptionist service, you’ll have access to a real, live telephone operator and you’ll only pay for the time you use, which is always a huge bonus for SMBs (small- and medium-sized businesses) that are still struggling to stretch their budgets.

At Answering Service Care, we feel that it’s important for your business to exhibit as much professionalism as the biggest companies. Giving off the essence of professionalism is a great reason to hire a virtual receptionist, and here are some others:

Providing your customers with a 24/7 go to contact.

Sometimes, customers have a quick question or a serious concern after hours. It’s not fair to leave them hanging until morning simply because you’re off the clock. A virtual receptionist service can handle the easy calls and forward anything really serious to you or a partner who’s on call.

Live Answering Service and Virtual Receptionists
24/7 Virtual Receptionist

Having someone to schedule your appointments.

A virtual receptionist from Answering Service Care can be a lot more than just a friendly voice on the end of the phone—he or she can also help with appointment setting. Instead of worrying about double-booking appointments, a virtual receptionist can organize your schedule and the schedules of anyone else in your organization with the tools you’re already using.

Supplying a backup plan.

You never hope for the worst, but sometimes things happen, and natural disasters can send your customers into a panic. When you can’t be reached because your phone lines are down, having a virtual receptionist service means someone representing you is still available. Having a strategy for unplanned downtime means you’ll be there for your callers in both the best of times and the worst of times.

Live Virtual Receptionist Services

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