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Using Telephone Answering Service Helps Small Business

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A live voice answering service may be the single best thing you can do to promote small business success. There are multiple reasons why this one simple addition to your business plan will have a ripple effect on business outcomes.  Although many large businesses use professional answering services, a small business or individual entrepreneur has the most to gain from the help of an answering service.

Professional telephone answering services have been around for awhile, and a convergence of factors saw them flourish.  Back in the 1970s, the pay rates for phone calls was decreasing while the wages for receptionists was increasing, so businesses looked to outsource their inbound and outbound telephone calls as a way to save dollars. Through the 1980s and 1990s answering services continued to boom with the advent of the pager. Since that time, technology has only expanded the capabilities of a professional answering service to meet the needs of various businesses and entrepreneurs in an increasingly cost efficient manner.

Benefits to Small Business

If you are a small business or individual entrepreneur there are several key benefits to hiring a professional, live voice answering service, that will lower costs and raise client numbers.

Hours of Operation: Extend your hours of operation beyond when your doors are open.  As a small operator, staffing your brick and mortar shop is one of your primary monthly costs.  By using a telephone answering service, it’s as if you’re open for business round the clock.

First Impression: Impress your callers with a pleasant voice that will always answer their inbound calls, and provide essential information. This is often their first contact with your business and you want to instill that confidence at the first opportunity.

Leads:  Turn leads into new clients, and satisfied clients into returning customers by always having channels of communication open through an answering service.  The telephone answering service makes you always available, despite the size of your staff or your establishment.

Resources:  Time and staff are your two most precious resources as a small business operator.  Perhaps you are wearing all the hats, all the time, to make your operation run.  A telephone answering service can organize the flow of all of your inbound and outbound communications for you, while you allocate your time to bids, contracts, and professional development to name but a few better uses of your time.

How to Choose An Answering Service for Your Small Business

There are certain agreed upon industry standards that you should screen for when choosing a professional, live voice answering service.  Does the call center maintain:

  • Ample staffing to cover peak hours?
  • A well trained and supervised staff?
  • A stable number of years in service?
  • Bilingual Agents?
  • Locations only the U.S.?
  • Answering calls quickly?
  • Compliance with government regulations including HIPPA?


Do a benefit cost analysis and you’ll agree that a professional answering service can put you across the finish line of success as a small business person.  Consult with a an exemplary company like AnsweringServiceCare and you’ll see that they check every box and meet all of your communication needs in a kind, caring, professional manner.  In business and family owned since 1974, they provide a multitude of communication services and will customize a plan using the latest technologies.  Contact them today and experience that live voice for yourself, as they explain how Answering Service Care has telephone solutions for your small business now and in the future

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