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Urban Pop Art Is A Welcome Addition To Our Break Room

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We loved this recent Miami New Times piece covering South Florida artist Ruben Ubiera.

Dubbed “King of the Walls,” this busy, prolific and enormously creative urban pop artist creates a unique and memorable blend of graffiti art and surrealism that brings beautiful life to so many spaces throughout our region and beyond. We at Answering Service Care are thrilled that Ruben’s art adorns the walls of our new ASC break room.

As you can see in the photos here and in the New Times article, the red mural is a representation of the history of answering services, of phones from the “can phone” to the headset and of our company, with our founders Herman and Dorothy Shooster representing the company’s stamp on the answering service world. Reflected on this wall, as the article states, is this artist’s ability to breathe life “into the bare walls that beg to be struck with color and whimsy, and he uses paint as his tool in revealing the human experience.”

Not only does our Answering Service Carefully and happily support local artists and their wonderful art, but their work, in return, brings enormous fun and joy into our workplace, and into the days of each of our team members.

In addition to his painting work, Ruben—who was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the Bronx at age 15—is also known for his use of reclaimed objects such as wood or cigar boxes within art that represents “the complexity of human emotion.” His murals are found throughout South Florida and beyond (including internationally), in spaces such as restaurants, libraries, on the streets and in workspaces like ours.

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