Answering Service

College Answering Service

It’s a tough time to run a college, budgets are thin.

That’s why it just doesn’t make sense to hire full time telephone operators to cover every shift, but you’d still like someone on the phones after 5 pm. A college answering service is the perfect stopgap solution!

Making the Most of Your Budget with a College Answering Service

When your budget has to go further than it’s ever had to go before, but you need to get extra help on the phones at your college, it can be tempting to turn to interns and other free college workers.

Unfortunately, they’re usually neither professional, nor reliable. If only there was another solution! Wait, there is! An answering service for colleges employs only professional telephone operators, works on a per-call basis and never needs to be provided with a place to work or any benefits. They’re the best solution to your budgetary problems around!

Answering Service Care thinks you deserve the best, even in tough financial times. That’s why our college answering service is not just affordable, but jam-packed with options that will fulfill the unique needs of your university.

These are just a few things that our operators can do for you 24 hours a day:

  • Message relay. Whether someone needs to report a heater out in the dorms or a break-in in a car in one of the parking lots, our crack team of operators can get the message to the right department, right away. It doesn’t matter if you have one department or 10 that need notified, there’s always someone listening, and getting the messages to the right people to help.
  • Call transfer. When a message just won’t do, call transferring can. Whether you choose to use the service as a virtual switchboard or only for select departments at your university, call transferring lets people tell their stories in their own words. It’s important to develop an on call list for overnight call transfers so that operators know whose turn it is to receive those late night calls.
  • Virtual receptionist. Having a receptionist in your office is great, but if you rarely see people face to face, a virtual receptionist can be just as good. With a virtual receptionist through an answering service, you’re paired with a small team of operators who answer your calls. This way, your regular callers become familiar with your team, rather than having to deal with a new, random person every time they ring you up. It’s a small personal touch that can say a lot.

A college answering service can provide a lot of value for your dollar, plus they’ll work nights and weekends. Give Answering Service Care a call today at 800.430.6511 or email us to find out just how affordable this flexible service option can be! We’re ready to help you stretch that education budget further.