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University Answering Service
University Answering Service

Show Your Students That You Care

Your student body has so many different needs that it can be difficult to address them all with your limited telephone staff. Fortunately, a university answering service can pick up the phone and help, no matter what department phone is ringing!

The streamlined budgets of most universities and colleges mean that telephone answering duties are often relegated to students or volunteers who don’t always have the best phone skills. However, professionally trained, experienced operators are just a phone call away with a university answering service, even on a small budget. Unlike a traditional telephone operator, an answering service can answer any designated phone on your campus, making them a great tool for any department.

Answering Services for all universities, colleges. Answering Service Care offers a variety of packages to help institutions of higher education like yours choose a university answering service that can meet your needs. From acting as your first touch point for telephone callers to helping callers request information packets, and even handling billing issues, an answering service is a flexible choice for campuses large and small. Your university answering service is also an affordable option that helps colleges and universities stay within what we know are often tight budgets.

These are just a few other tasks you can delegate to your new answering service partner:

One of the neatest things about working with a university answering service is that any phone number can be forwarded to them. So, whether your English department needs a little extra help while the normal receptionist is out on maternity leave or you want every department to be able to access the call overflow service, it’s a simple matter of configuring the phone to have your new partner answer the call so it doesn’t go to voicemail or continues to ring until the caller gives up.

Incoming students often have a lot of questions about your school, but many are repetitive. Rather than refer them to a faceless FAQ or rush through a call to get to the next, give your school the face of friendliness by arming your university answering service with the information they need to handle these callers one at a time. The individual attention they provide can reflect well on your school and influence potential scholars to choose you over a competitor.

Campus life is another area that requires a great deal of attention if student housing is to be properly maintained as a safe and secure environment. You already have a dispatcher in place, but the job can get hectic the first week of school or on the weekends or in the winter, to name but a few call-heavy times. Your university answering service can help with this, too, whether a student is calling because someone is playing loud music next door or to get help with a broken shower.

Answering Service Care

Is Your Institution Ready To Get Started?

Give us a try! Answering Service Care’s university answering service is the flexible phone tool you’ve been seeking to help juggle all the jobs on your campus. From overflow calling to dispatch, our phone operators can handle it all. Give us a call at (800) 430-6511 or email us today to learn more about customizing a plan perfect for your school.

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