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Three Ways To Improve Your On-The-Job Mindset

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No one regrets not having worked more, so goes the old cliché, but for many workers today the wish is that their time at work was more productive and happier.

The good news is that much of the way your workday goes can be determined by your approach to it. That’s not to say that a bad boss can be defeated by a few basic exercises, but when you dread going to work every day simply because work has become overwhelming, anxiety-inducing or entirely too boring, some simple tricks can help.

Improving Your Working Mindset

Working for a living might not be how you’d prefer to spend your days and nights, but if you can find something about your job that you like it’ll make your time there so much easier. Not everyone can fall in love with their job, but everyone can have a better mindset about their work and their commitment to doing it well.

Here are three ways to improve your on-the-job mindset:

  • Embrace your wins (and your losses). It can be incredibly difficult to find a place where you’re comfortable with yourself in your work if it’s not something that comes naturally to you, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up. Every day, you’ll have some wins and you’ll have some losses, that’s the nature of both life and work.Instead of running from your losses, turn to face them with all the courage you have. They’re really the most important part of your education. After all, how would you learn if you didn’t have a few obstacles to challenge you?
  • Check in with daily progress reports. Each time you clock in at work is a new opportunity to give it your all. But going as hard as you can isn’t enough and doing that blindly just makes it hard to know what you’ve accomplished or if you’ve made progress in learning or improving at your job.Instead, set a few progress goals so you can spend a little time each day reflecting on how you’re moving forward. If things are going well, you might want to set new goals that are a little more challenging; if you’re going a bit off the rails, it might be time to realign your goals. Daily progress reports make it easy to effect small changes that can snowball into big improvements Long-Term.
  • Realize that job commitment comes from you. Sometimes it feels like there’s no one really committing to your success at work and that makes it hard to stay motivated. The truth is that job commitment comes from within, not from without. Of course your company wants you to succeed, but they can only point and hope you look, they can’t force you to be “all in” with your commitment to the job.Life’s many challenges can make it difficult to properly focus on work, but when you decide that the job you have today isn’t merely a placeholder for something better, but a career in progress, you’ll realize it’s easier to internalize company goals and find more ways to be a highly functioning member of your team.

Work is work and fun is fun, but it’s ok to have a little fun at work and even enjoy the daily challenges you’re presented with. Instead of going to work ready to be upset, frustrated or angry, work on improving your on-the-job mindset by looking at work as a puzzle to solve or a series of problems to overcome heroically.

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