Three Ways to Identify a Great Answering Service Company

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Your potential answering service is on the front lines of these customer decisions. When you decide to hire an answering service for your company, you need to make sure it’s a service that can make the right impression with your clients. It’s critical that you carefully screen and identify the phone answer services that can help you keep customer service levels high.

Here’s what to look for in a great answering service company:

Longevity of Service

As new technology in telecommunications develops, it becomes easier for new answering services to step in the market, some acting as if they’ve been there all along. But just because they are the latest service on the block does not mean that they can give you the quality of care you’re looking for. In fact, established phone answer services are more likely to have comprehensive training programs for the customer service agents. Their live receptionists will approach their jobs with a higher level of professionalism, which translates into better care for your clients.

Custom Call Services

Ideally, an answering service company should seamlessly integrate into your company so that your clients never know they are working with an outside party. They should be invisible to your customers, and provide phone answer services that fit your needs. In addition to answering regular incoming calls, a great answering service company should also offer specialized services, such as backup or overflow answering services during peak times.

Experience in Your Industry

Most phone answering services that have been in business for a while have a variety of experience in multiple industries. But in order to find the best established answering service company for you, you need to ask questions about their experience in your industry (or related industries). There are subtleties in customer service and care for each industry. The needs of clients for a medical office are a lot different than the needs of clients for a party supply company. Don’t assume that a company can handle your needs – ask about their specific, relevant experience.

With these guidelines, you can easily zero in on the right answering service company for you – and keep your clients happy.

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