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Three Ways To Convert Website Leads

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Adding a website to your marketing portfolio can be a great investment in your business and an excellent tool for your customers.

If that site isn’t converting website visitors into real leads, though, something is going wrong in the process. There are plenty of proven ways to help increase your conversion rate, but these three will get things turned around in no time:

  1. Get right to the point, right away. Visitors to the digital world have gotten really good at smelling a rat and won’t hang around long if they think anything’s amiss. Because of this, you need to get right to the point and let them know what you’re selling and how it can help them. No more beating around the bush, proudly put your products and/or services on display and show what your company has to offer.Increasing communication efficiency goes beyond your landing page. All your web copy should avoid fluffy language and help users find exactly what they need without confusion. Your forms should be equally simple, requiring only minimal information. You can collect the rest when you contact the visitor by telephone or via email.
  1. Send follow-up emails. Once you’ve collected the email addresses of potential customers, don’t forget to put them to use. Send a thank you email as a follow-up, you’ll be surprised how much traction it’ll get. In a small-scale study, Hubspot found that “thank you” emails generated an open rate 3.5 times greater than a standard marketing email and a 2.3 times greater click-through rate.Follow-up emails need not be overly costly or detailed — as long as they prominently display your brand and make it clear that you’re taking time to appreciate the user’s visit, they’ll make a big difference. Even in this busy world, basic politeness still speaks volumes about your brand.
  1. Use calls to action. This may seem overly simple, but it remains a huge hurdle for businesses large and small — simply asking your customer to do a thing is an incredibly powerful move. Believe it or not, customers frequently become frustrated when trying to figure out what to do next on your website. Providing clear calls to action can ease the confusion and increase your lead generation rates.For example, instead of hiding your telephone number under layers of pages, build a graphic or a button that displays it prominently. Of course, it’s important to have someone actually standing by, but this can be easily handled by an answering service. If you prefer email, do the same with your email address: sing it loud, sing it proud. Telling potential customers to “click here,” “call now” or even to “fill out this contact form” can increase your lead generation numbers and results exponentially.

Owning and operating a website for your business can be difficult when so many other companies are competing for the same attention, but if people are actually visiting, you’re already way ahead of the game. Next time, instead of letting those potential customers leave disappointed (or worse, confused), make sure you get to the point right away, include lots of useful calls to action and send thank you emails as a follow-up to reinforce your brand image.



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