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Because Your Callers Deserve A Caring, Friendly & Supportive Touch

Answering Service Care is the best telephone answering service to manage customer communications for your busy plumbing repair business. There is no need to sacrifice customer service because either you or your technicians are out on assignment.   Answering Service Care will oversee all of your phone calls, your messages, and your appointment scheduling. Their live operators are able to greet customers, answer simple questions about your plumbing repair service, and route their messages with speed and accuracy. All of your telephone answering services are provided for 24/7, every day of the year. Thanks to Answering Service Care, your plumbing repair service will never be unavailable.

A Telephone Answering Service That Cares

Answering Service care has been an industry leader in the telephone answering service industry since 1974; and you will soon come to rely on their phone answering service as an extension of your own plumbing repair business.   Answering Service Care is family – run, and you’ll feel like family too. Your plumbing repair service begins with a phone call, usually by a customer that’s in urgent need of assistance. The professionals at Answering Service Care will make a great first impression, which you need in order to give those customers confidence in the plumbing repairs that will follow their phone call.

Answering Service
Answering Services
Live Phone Answering Service

Professional phone operators are focused solely on your customer calls, and are not distracted by any other office duties.   Answering Service Care operatorsare so well trained that your callers will think their calls are being answered by your in-house staff. Theyknow the answers to commonly asked questions about your plumbing repair service, can set up appointments, route urgent calls, and get messages to you in real-time.   A live telephone answering service like Answering Service Care can save money on personnel while streamlining the efficiency of your customer communications. As experts in the phone answering industry, Answering Service Care utilizes the latest in communications technology in order to deliver a vast array of telephone answering services in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Live Operators
  • Professional Training
  • Personalized Greeting
  • Message Relay
  • Virtual Office
  • Call Recording
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Bilingual Answering Service
  • Auto Attendant
  • Disaster Recovery

Phone Answering Service – Any Size Plumbing Business Welcome

Are you a solo repairperson, working in the field, while scrambling to answer callers between appointments? Are your customers frustrated that they can’t reach you? Are you a large plumbing business with many technicians in the field, who is scrambling to keep all those appointments straight? Are you loosing business or loosing referral because your customers have lost faith in your repair service because of poor telephone turnaround time? That will all end when you partner with Answering Service Care, and let their professional operators provide quick, courteous, and accurate telephone answering assistance to your plumbing repair business.