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Herman and Dorothy Shooster Preserve

Herman and Dorothy Shooster Preserve
Answering Service Care
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Answering Service Care Founders Honored:

The Broward County Commission designates new conservation area; The Herman and Dorothy Shooster Preserve.

The founders of Answering Service Care, a leading customer contact center located in the Fort Lauderdale metro-area, will be honored on Friday, May 7, 2010, by having the newest Broward County nature preserve named for them.

Margate, Florida, of course, is home to the Answering Service Care headquarters, where the preserve is located, and the company draws many of its associates from the surrounding community. The Herman and Dorothy Shooster Preserve will be an important part of the legacy of service to the community as well as a mark of gratitude for the many local residents who have become members of the extended Shooster family.

The Herman and Dorothy Shooster Preserve contains one of the few remaining cypress stands in Broward County as well as a wide variety of native flora and fauna – including 18 species of butterflies and over 75 other species of animals.

The Herman and Dorothy Shooster Preserve is located on the south side of SW 7th Court, between US 441 (State Road 7) and SW 64th Terrace.

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