Greet Your Callers Professionally, Personally and Memorably.

What is a Personalized Greeting?

When it comes to people calling your business or practice, impressions mean a lot. And as the saying goes, you only get one chance at a first impression. That’s just one reason why so many of our clients add the Personalized Greeting option to their answering services.

Build better relationships with personalized greetings

When clients and customers call to do business, nothing says you care about them on a human level like a personalized greeting that is both professional and warm.

At Answering Service Care, we specialize in “wow”-ing your callers. As longtime leaders in the answering services world (we have been around since all the way back in 1974!), we know what it takes to treat your patients, customers and prospects with the perfect balance of respect, professionalism and compassion. All of our answering service options are fully customized to meet your needs, the way you do business and your budget.

What is a Personalized Greeting?

Nothing beats the power of a personalized greeting, and we are pleased to offer clients several options. Our recommended choice gives you a personalized greeting in your company name, thanking the caller for calling. This greeting can be recorded by a member of your team or by a member of ours – whichever you prefer. Following this personalized greeting, a live operator comes on the line with a further greeting and unique scripted message in your own words, per your instructions, exactly as you’ve requested.

Some of the benefits of this kind of personalized greeting include: 

  • Your phone calls are answered by the personalized greeting on the first ring every time.
  • Your company name and unique message are spoken clearly and precisely every time.
  • You immediately create a professional, memorable and customized connection between your callers and your company or practice.
Personalized Greeting

We Offer Additional Personalized Greeting Options, Too!

Personalized Greeting

We also offer an option that switches over your calls to a recorded personalized greeting after the phone rings three times. Either way, our live telephone operators answer your calls immediately or shortly after the personalized greeting. The phone agent provides his or her name, and addresses your caller by his or her name. Every message is read back to your caller to ensure complete accuracy.

Whatever your requirements, our team will work closely with you to fully understand the big picture and to customize instructions accordingly. Agents are trained, with your participation or guidance, to handle your calls as a seamless extension of your company. At your request, we can generate detailed program specifications, customized scripting and activity reports. We will also work with you and your team to develop specific performance indicators for staffing and monitoring of phone agents to ensure consistent compliance with your instructions.

Customized, cost-effective, streamlined.

Answering Service Care is a family-owned and -operated company that puts trust, loyalty and satisfaction at the top of our list of what matters most. No matter what profession or business you’re in, we are here to help you perfect and powerfully deliver your Personalized Greeting and unique company message in every phone interaction, with every caller.

The way your callers, customers and patients are greeted on the phone can make all of the difference for your business or practice. We’d like to talk more about how to create and integrate personalized greetings into your customized answering service plan.

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We Love Our Happy Clients!

Very nice answering service. The people are very professional and precise. I definitely recommend.
Donna C

Answering Service Care…..why did we not sign up sooner? We have now been with them for a few weeks and knowing that our patients are being taken care of (when we are not there to answer the phones)….just like we take care of them…is so nice. I had a brand new emergency patient’s daughter remark about our answering service….how they even remembered the next day about the pain her Mom had been in…and how is she feeling! I love these people…if they were near where we are…I’d bake them cookies and take them into them!

Heather Y

We used Answering Service Care to handle incoming calls both during business hours and after business hours for our small cleaning service. This company was very professional and offered competitive rates for the services they were providing. If you are looking for an answering service for your business, I would highly recommend considering Answering Service Care to service your needs.

Gary M

Great answering service. I 100% recommend them. A long time client called in and recognized how enthusiastic and professional we were on the phone since hiring answering service care.

Christopher T.