Empowering our answering service clients to better manage their on-call calendar

Whether you are a growing healthcare practice, a busy service business, or a thriving small business with after-hours on-call requirements, chances are you’re always looking for an easier, more efficient way to update your on-call schedule in real-time.

We’ve listened to your feedback, and are pleased to offer all of our answering service customers a new On-Call Calendar management tool! It’s secure, intuitive and it makes our customers’ lives easier. In fact, some of the comments we’ve heard include: “Simple!”, “Super- easy!”, and “A major time-saver!”.

On-Call Calendar

What  are the benefits of the On-Call Calendar web app?

On-Call Calendar
  • Allows you to make changes “on the fly” in real-time
  • As a web application, this tool is fully web-based, leaving less room for error and more room for collaboration, updating and checking information from anywhere, by anyone you have authorized
  • No more need to fax or phone in changes—everything can be done on our web app/interface, empowering you to make additions or changes whenever, wherever!
  • Increase efficiency and save time on what was previously a more tedious and over-involved process
  • Reduce the chances for duplicates or missing details now that all information is live and centralized
  • Service your customers, patients and callers better … around the clock!

 Who can take advantage of our On-Call Calendar web tool?

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Healthcare practitioners
  • Technical Support Teams
  • Service businesses with emergency and after-hours calls, such as A/C companies, pool companies, plumbers and electricians
  • Other 24/7 businesses, organizations or groups that require personnel to be “on-call” during certain periods of time
On-Call Calendar For Service Providers

How To Access Your On-Call Calendar?

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