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Message Relay Helps in Emergencies

Message Relay is must-have answering service tool that allows you to receive even routine messages as quickly as possible, in the way(s) you prefer to receive them. Most messages are delivered to you – or to anyone else you have designated – within one minute, often even sooner in emergencies. Better yet, Message Relay is cost-effective, reliable and always accessible, 24/7/365.

With Message Relay, you can receive your routine phone messages in different ways. In addition, you can call in at certain intervals, or we can call you at certain intervals. In emergencies, you can rely on our highly professional, fully trained answering service agents to handle your calls quickly and efficiently, and to deliver your emergency message instantly to you or your designee.

As with other answering services options, Message Relay offers many advantages, including:

  • Full customization to your exact specifications;
  • The assurance that you will receive your messages fully, accurately and immediately, whenever and wherever you are;
  • Message receipt via phone, voicemail, text (SMS), email or another wireless device;
  • Immediate notification to you and/or your designated on-call personnel; and
  • The ability to save all messages for future reference.
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Message Relay is especially useful for:

A Superior Answering Service With Live Operators

Message Relay is another Answering Service Care service option that helps make sure you don’t miss another call or message. In our fifth decade of providing answering services that are reliable, affordable and professional, our answering service knows what it takes to support you as efficiently and effectively as possible. Since our founding in 1974, our family-owned and -operated company has led the way with professionalism and good-old-fashioned friendliness. Whether you want to ask about Message Relay or any other answering services, we’d love to speak to you. Contact us either via email or phone ((800) 430-6511) at your convenience. You will be receiving your messages in no time!
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